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Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions




Q: How do I go about filing for adoption?


Apply for adoption to the Family Court through a lawyer or in person. Refer to The Family Justice Courts of Singapore - Adoptions for the legal process.

Q: How long does it take to process an adoption application?

Generally it takes at least 9 months from the date that MSF is appointed by the Court as the "Guardian-In-Adoption" (GIA) to the completion of social investigations required. Where there are complicating factors, the GIA will take a longer time to investigate into the adoption application.

Adoption of a foreign child takes longer as it involves a Home Study Report and application of Dependant's Pass for the child.

Q: How much do I have to pay the child's biological parents?

Section 11 of the Adoption of Children Act (Chapter 4) prohibits any payment or reward to the biological parents for the adoption of the child, unless it is allowed by the Court in Singapore.

If any cost is incurred in the transfer of the child, prospective adopters are required to provide itemised breakdown of the cost and justify it with supporting documents and receipts.

Q: Does MSF facilitate adoption of foreign children?

MSF does not facilitate adoption. Our role is to safeguard the best interest of the child and ensure strict compliance with the Adoption of Children Act. Persons adopting children from overseas should ensure that they comply with the prevailing domestic laws in that country. Prospective adopters must ensure that the child leaves the country legally and obtain a Dependant's Pass for the child to remain in Singapore.

Q: Does MSF accredit or regulate adoption agencies in the interest of the adopted children?

MSF does not accredit or regulate adoption agencies. Any person (including agencies) found to have compromised the welfare of a child can be taken to task under the Children and Young Persons Act.

Q: Are children in state care available for adoption?

Yes. There are children under the Fostering Scheme who are ready for adoption. Prospective adopters have to approach our accredited agencies for an assessment on their suitability to adopt before requesting for information.

Q: Can MSF assist an adopted person to search for their biological parents?

Under the law, all adoption documents filed are confidential and the written authority of the Court must be obtained to inspect the documents. MSF does not have the authority of access pertaining to such request.