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How to adopt a stepchild


How to adopt a stepchild




If you are adopting your stepchild, you may apply to MSF to waive the Home Study Report (HSR) if you are a Singapore Citizen. This is not applicable for foreigners adopting their stepchildren.

You may apply for a waiver of HSR here​. Please note that the following documents will be required for submission as well.

  1. Your NRIC and your spouse’s NRIC
  2. Marriage Certificate
  3. Birth Certificate of the child
  4. Travel documents of the child, if the child does not reside in Singapore
  5. Your home address

If your stepchild is a Singapore Citizen, the process is the same as adopting a child who is a Singapore Citizen.

If your stepchild is of foreign citizenship, the process will follow that of adopting a foreign child.

If your stepchild is from the People’s Republic of China, there are additional criteria to fulfill and process to follow. You may refer to adopting a child from People’s Republic of China.

If you are adopting your child born out of wedlock, you are required to submit all the required documents listed above (and a DNA test result for a male parent to prove your paternity) before your request for waiver of Home Study Report can be considered. A DNA test is required even if your name is reflected in the child's birth certificate. The DNA test must include identification details of you and the child.