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Statutory Declaration


Statutory Declaration




During the investigation by MSF, you and the persons who facilitated the transfer of the child for adoption are required to sign a statutory declaration to acknowledge that you have been advised by MSF and are fully aware that you are liable to be prosecuted under the following laws:

  • Children and Young Persons Act (Cap 38)
  • Kidnapping Act (Cap 151)
  • Penal Code (Cap 224)
  • Prevention of Corruption Act (Cap 241)
  • Women's Charter (Cap 353) and/or
  • any other relevant laws in force in Singapore at the time of the commission of the aforesaid act(s) if they have in any way directly or indirectly:
    • been involved in any abduction, kidnapping, trafficking or any criminal act of or involving the child either within or outside Singapore;  
    • participated knowingly in any unlawful transfer of possession, custody or control of the child either within or outside Singapore;  
    • been involved knowingly in the procurement or use of any fraudulent or forged passport or any other relevant document for the purpose of bringing the child into Singapore; and/or 
    • committed knowingly an offence under the laws of Singapore in connection with the adoption proceedings.

You are advised that if you are convicted of any offence in obtaining custody and possession of the child for the purpose of adoption in Singapore, the Adoption Order made by the Court in respect of the child is liable to be set aside. You can download a copy of the statutory declaration relevant to you: