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Child Care Financial Assistance


Child Care Financial Assistance

Child Care Financial Assistance (CCFA)​

Question: Is there any financial assistance for families who are unable to afford Child Care fees even after the Basic and Additional Subsidies?

Low-income families with difficult family circumstances can apply for further financial assistance if they are unable to afford the Child Care fees over and above the Basic and Additional Subsidies. They can also apply for a one-time grant to cover the initial start-up costs of enrolling a child in the centre.

The child should be a Singapore citizen and enrolled in an affordable Child Care Centre. Both parents should also be working at least 56 hours per month, or produce valid reasons for not working, such as being on medical leave, under incarceration, looking for work, or has been certified as a full-time caregiver for a dependant. Relevant supporting documents should accompany the application.

Eligible families may apply for the assistance through the Child Care Centre.

For more information, please approach your Child Care Centre. 

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