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ComCare Long Term Assistance

ComCare Long- Term Assistance

* Also known as Public Assistance

Are you permanently unable to work and need help to support yourself?

ComCare may be able to help if you:

tick are unable to work due to old age, illness or disability

tick have no means of stable income and little or no family support

tick are elderly persons who receive only a small monthly payout from other sources such as CPF Retirement Sum/ CPF Life, Pension, ElderShield, Lease Buyback Scheme, and the monthly payout is lower than the prevailing LTA rates

tick are elderly persons whose children are low income themselves and unable to support their parents. The children must be supporting their own families and each have household income of $1,900 and below, or per capita household income of $650 and below 

tick are a Singapore Citizen or a Permanent Resident

From 1st July 2016, you may receive:

tick Cash assistance
To support daily living expenses. The amount of cash grant depends on the size of your household.

tick Additional assistance for children
To support a school-going child's out-of-pocket expenses, up to $150 per child per month.

Cash Assistance Rates (Primary Tier Assistance)

Household Type Rates
Household Size 1 Person $600
2 Persons $1,000
3 Persons $1,400
4 Persons $1,750
Additional children's Assistance Per child $150 additional

tick Secondary assistance
To help those with recurring essentials such as medical or hygiene consumables.

tick Discretionary assistance
To help those with one-off essentials such as medical equipment or household appliances.

Secondary and Discretionary Tier Assistance

Types of Assistance Examples Frequency
Secondary Recurring essentials e.g. adult diapers, stoma bags, diabetic consumables, dietary supplements Monthly

Once-off medical equipment e.g. commode, oxygen respirator

Once-off household appliances e.g. beds, mattress


tick Medical assistance
LTA recipients receive medical assistance at polyclinics and government/ restructured hospitals.

tick Education assistance
School-going children of LTA recipients receive help for school and miscellaneous fees as well as school books.

tick Supplementary community assistance
LTA recipients receive free or highly subsidised access to a range of social support services e.g. home help, senior activity centres and day activity centres funded by the government.

To apply:

  • Go to your nearest Social Service Office (SSO) to find out more. Each SSO delivers ComCare financial assistance and links residents up with other forms of assistance they might need, for instance, employment assistance or family services. The Social Assistance Officers at the CDC will assess your application to determine if you qualify for the scheme.
  • You need to bring:
    • Your identity card
    • Identity card(s) of family member(s) within the same household, if applicable
    • Birth certificate(s) of children below 15 years old, if applicable
    • Marriage or divorce certificate
    • Latest payslip(s)
    • Letter of appointment (employment), if applicable
    • All updated Bank account passbook(s)/ statement(s)
    • Medical appointment card(s), if applicable
    • Doctor's memo certifying fitness for work, and duration of condition, if applicable
    • Latest Service and Conservancy Charges bill
    • Latest HDB statement
    • Latest Power Supply bill
    • Prison's Visitor Card, if applicable
    • Documents on assistance received from other organisation(s), if applicable
    • Any other supporting documents

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