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ComCare Short-to-Medium-Term Assistance

ComCare Short-to-Medium-Term Assistance

 Are you or your family member unable to find a job or work for a period of time and as a result, your household needs financial help for a temporary period?

ComCare may be able to help if you / your family member:

tick are looking for work or temporarily unable to work due to illness or have to care for children, elderly or other dependants;

tick have little or no family support, savings or assets to rely on for your daily needs;

tick are a Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident (at least one immediate family member in the same household must be a Singapore Citizen; and

tick​ have a monthly household income of $1,900 and below or a per capita income of $650 and below.  

tick Even if your income exceeds these guidelines, you can still approach our Social Service Offices (SSOs) if you face financial difficulties. Our SSOs will assess your circumstances and needs, and assist you accordingly.​

You may receive:

tick Monthly cash assistance

tick Assistance with your household bills, i.e. rental, utilities, and/or service and conservancy charges

tick Medical assistance​

tick Employment assistance such as job search and/or training

tick ​Referrals for other relevant services

To apply:

  • Go to your nearest Social Service Office (SSO)​ to find out more. Each SSO administers ComCare financial assistance and links applicants up with other forms of assistance they might need, such as family services. The SSO will assess your eligibility for assistance. 
  • You need to bring:
    • Your identity card
    • Identity card(s) of family member(s) within the same household, if applicable
    • Birth certificate(s) of children below 15 years old, if applicable
    • Marriage or divorce certificate
    • Latest payslip(s)
    • Letter of appointment (employment), if applicable
    • All updated Bank account passbook(s)/ statement(s)
    • Medical appointment card(s), if applicable
    • Doctor's memo certifying fitness for work, and duration of condition, if applicable
    • Latest Service and Conservancy Charges bill
    • Latest HDB statement
    • Latest Power Supply bill
    • Prison's Visitor Card, if applicable
    • Documents on assistance received from other organisation(s), if applicable
    • Any other supporting documents

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