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Divorce Support

Divorce for Muslim Marriages

Divorce for Muslim Marriages

The Syariah Court adopts a child-centric approach where the children’s welfare is always the Court’s paramount consideration. Alongside the MSF appointed Divorce Support Specialist Agencies, the Court works to support clients before, during and after the divorce process.

Muslim marriages would need to apply for divorce under the Syariah Court.

Section 35, Administration of Muslim Law Act (AMLA) provides the Syariah Court with Jurisdiction to hear and determine all actions and proceedings in which all parties are Muslims or where parties were married under the provisions of Muslim law and which involves disputes relating to

  1. marriage;
  2. divorce;
  3. betrothal, nullity or judicial separation;
  4. disposition of division of property on divorce or nullification of marriage;
  5. payment of “emas kahwin”, maintenance and mutaah

Jurisdiction of the court is conferred by Section 35 AMLA. In certain matters, the High Court has concurrent jurisdiction with Syariah Court (Section 35A).

The Court offers counselling for Muslim couples with marital difficulties. It also offers mediation for divorce cases with the aim of settling child custody and other ancillary matters amicably.

For more information, please visit the Syariah Court.