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Divorce Support

DSSA Programmes

This website will no longer be available from 30 June 2022. Please visit the Family Assist portal at for information, services, and support to make informed decisions about your marriage or to register for the Mandatory Parenting Programme.

Divorce Support Specialist Agencies/ Strengthening Families Programme@Family Service Centre (FAM@FSC)

Divorce Support Specialist Agencies (DSSAs) / Strengthening Families Programme@Family Service Centres (FAM@FSC) offer programmes which adopt a child-centric approach. These programmes are delivered by specialist counsellors and social workers to help divorcing and divorced families understand the impact of divorce on children.

Mandatory Parenting Programme

For more information on the Mandatory Parenting Programme, please click here.

Parenting PACT

Parenting PACT is a one-time consultation session for divorced parents with children who are 21 years old and below.

The session aims to help parents:

  • understand the impact of divorce on their children
  • learn cooperative co-parenting strategies
  • practise self-care, and 
  • get more information about the community support resources available.

This is a two-hour session conducted by family counsellors from the Divorce Support Specialist Agencies (DSSAs)/Strengthening Families Programme @Family Service Centres (FAM@FSCs).

Divorced parents who are required by the Courts to attend this parenting programme will get a notification to attend Parenting PACT by post.

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Children in Between (CiB) 

Children in Between is a programme for parents and their children who are between 6 to less than 15 years of age. 

The workshops under CiB cover topics for both parents and children:

CiB for Parents CiB for Children
Practical Co-parenting skills Positive ways to cope with their parents’ divorce
Ways to reduce parental conflict Exploring feelings and fears, myths and truths
Understanding the needs of their children in a divorce situation Skills to share their feelings

This free workshop is run by family counsellors from the Divorce Support Specialist Agencies (DSSAs)/Strengthening Families Programme @Family Service Centres. 

Both parents and their children are encouraged to attend the workshops. You can contact a DSSA/FAM@FSC located near you to sign up for the programme. Please click here for a list of the agencies for their location and contact details  

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Supervised Exchange and Visitation Programme

Supervised Exchange and Visitation (SESV) is an interim measure to facilitate families to work towards independent child access. The end goal is to help parents co-parent effectively and build secure parent-child relationships over time without compromising the child’s sense of personal and emotional safety.
Strengthening Families Programme @FSC (Thye Hua Kwan - Commonwealth), Strengthening Families Programme @FSC (Care Corner - Eunos) and Strengthening Families Programme @FSC (AMKFSC - Ang Mo Kio) are the 3 appointed agencies that offer the Supervised Exchange and Visitation Programme.
This programme is strictly for court ordered cases only.
  • Video Conferencing: Maintenance Summons


    Discernment Counselling

    Discernment Counselling aims to help couples gain clarity and confidence in making a decision about the future of their marriage, based on a deeper understanding of what has happened to their marriage and each person's contribution to the problems. Discernment Counselling is a short term counselling lasting between 1-5 sessions, and is targeted at couples where at least one spouse has doubts or concerns about moving forward with the divorce.

    It allows couples to consider three options:

    • Path One: Postpone the Decision
    • Path Two: Move towards Divorce
    • Path Three: Work on the Marrriage

    Do note that Discernment Counselling is not marriage counselling intended to solve the couple's marital problems.

    Counselling and Support Programmes

    During the counselling sessions, individuals and families come together in a safe and confidential platform where they can share experiences and offer mutual support to one another. 

    Some free support programmes at the Divorce Support Specialist Agencies (DSSAs)/ Strengthening Families Programme @Family Service Centres (FAM@FSCs) are:

    Strengthening Families Programme @FSC (Care Corner - Eunos)
    1 Father's-in-Transition Support Group for Men
    Enlivened Hearts Women's Support Group

    Support groups for fathers and mothers to manage feelings of grief and loss, and to better adjust to a new phase of life.
    2 PAThs@FSS (Play and Art Therapy Services)
    Play and art therapy for children 5 years and above who are facing, or are suspected to be facing, emotional or behavioural difficulties as a result of divorce. The goal is for children to develop healthy emotional regulation.
    HELP Family Service Centre
    1 Video Conference
    A direct video link service to the courts to apply for the enforcement of existing spousal and/or child maintenance orders.
    A peer support group to facilitate emotional healing for parents and children.
    3 The Big Brother and Big Sister (BBBS)
    A befriending programme for children aged 10 to 16 who are affected by their parents’ divorce.
    4 The Family Enrichment Programme (FEP)
    This programme provides opportunities for personal growth and development for families by strengthening their family support system.
    PPIS As-Salaam Family Support Centre
    1 M.A.W.A.R Support Programme for Single Mothers
    This programme provides support to divorced mothers with dependent children.
    2 SALAAM Support Programme
    For children/adolescents who experience grief arising from loss of parents through divorce.
    Strengthening Families Programme @FSC (Thye Hua Kwan - Commonwealth)
    1 Mindfulness Parenting
    This programme helps divorcing/divorcedparents to improve their communication skills for better parent-child relationships.
    2 Daddy’s for Life
    A support programme to help divorcing/divorced fathers learn from each other’s experiences, and build a strong relationship with their children