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Singapore Government

Divorce Support

This website will no longer be available from 30 June 2022. Please visit the Family Assist portal at for information, services, and support to make informed decisions about your marriage or to register for the Mandatory Parenting Programme.

Support Programmes

Mandatory Parenting Programme

The Mandatory Parenting Programme is a consultation session for parents with minor children before filing for divorce.

Parenting PACT

This programme aims to help divorced parents of minor children understand the impact of divorce on their children, learn cooperative co-parenting strategies and practise self-care.

Children in Between (CiB)

This evidence-based programme, developed by child experts, has two components – one for parents to understand the needs of their children and another for children to learn to cope with their feelings and fears.

Supervised Exchange and Supervised Visitation

The Supervised Exchange and Visitation Programme is an interim measure to facilitate families to work towards independent child access.

Video Conferencing: Maintenance Summons

A direct video link service to the courts to apply for the enforcement of new and existing spousal and/or child maintenance orders.

Counselling and Support Programmes

During counselling sessions, individuals and families come together in a safe and confidential platform where they can share experiences and offer mutual support to one another.

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Related Services

CPH Online Counselling

CPH Online Counselling is a pilot service provided by a team of qualified counselling professionals for individuals in Singapore facing stresses relating to their marriage, divorce or parenting.

Pre-Action Mediation

If you and your spouse are unable to reach an agreement on the reason for divorce or the ancillary matters, you may consider attending Pre-Action Mediation (PAM). 

FAQs on Access-related Matters for Divorced/Separated Parents during COVID-19 Circuit Breaker Period

Refer to the Frequently Asked Questions about the access-related matters for divorced/separated parents during COVID-19 Circuit Breaker period

Mandatory Parenting Programme FAQs

Refer to the Frequently Asked Questions about the Mandatory Parenting Programme for more information.

Divorce Support Specialist Agencies (DSSAs)/ Strengthening Families Programme@Family Service Centres (FAM@FSCs)

DSSAs/FAM@FSCs provide support and care to divorced/divorcing families with specialised services and programmes.

Divorce Support Office @ MND

You may wish to send a query to our office, a one stop resource centre for matters pertaining to divorce.

Community Links and Resources

Get more information through our resources and community partners.

FAQs on Divorce Matters

Refer to our Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

Women’s Charter and Divorce

The Women’s Charter governs the law on divorces for civil marriages in Singapore.

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