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Singapore Government

Principal Social Workers’ (PSW) Seminar & Virtual Exhibitions 2020

2, 8 & 9 October 2020

About the Seminar

The Principal Social Workers’ (PSW) Seminar is a yearly event organised since 2015. The seminar brings together Social Work leaders working in family services, youth, rehabilitation, disability, eldercare and healthcare settings to discuss and develop joint solutions and action plans to address systemic issues and make ground-up enhancements to better serve clients.

In 2020, the PSW Seminar was held on 2 October, and included virtual exhibitions through live zoom presentations and online videos hosted by various agencies. The Seminar covered themes such as Enhanced Services, Improved Work Processes, and New Solutions/Research Findings. The programme inspired practitioners and PSWs to gain new perspectives and apply these learnings to their work in the social service sector.

PSW Seminar 2020 Programme

Time Segment
9:00AM Welcome Address by Director-General of Social Welfare, Ms Ang Bee Lian
9:05AM Opening Engagement Remarks by Minister for Social and Family Development, Mr Masagos Zulkifli
9:20AM Panel Presentation by Mr Lucas Chow, Dr Goh Wei-Leong & Ms Kuik Shiao-Yin
10:05AM Q&A with Panelists Moderated by CEO of AMKFSC Community Services Ltd, Dr Vincent Ng
10:35AM Break
10:45AM Presentation by SkillsFuture Tripartite Taskforce Subteam & Breakout Discussion
11:45AM Closing by Director-General of Social Welfare, Ms Ang Bee Lian

PSW Seminar Speakers

Panellists About
Mr Lucas Chow
Honorary Chairman, Salt Media and Entertainment

Mr Chow shared about creating an innovative organisational/agency culture to stay abreast with the times, and the role of the leader in facilitating creative problem solving. He also provided pointers for leaders to keep up with the fast-evolving operating environment brought about by COVID-19.
Dr Goh Wei-Leong
Co-founder of HealthServe

Dr Goh presented the journey of HealthServe in meeting the social and health care needs of the migrant worker community. He shared on the role of the leader in identifying emerging societal needs and responding to gaps through innovative practices. He also spoke about what leaders need to do to stay responsive in view of the evolving new norms brought about by COVID-19.
Ms Kuik Shiao-Yin
Co-founder and Director of The Thought Collective

Ms Kuik shared about how a leader can last the good race, especially in an emotionally fraught environment like the social service sector, and how leaders can build resilience into their own systems especially in crisis times.
Dr Vincent Ng
CEO of AMKFSC Community Services Ltd

Videos of Exhibitions

Videos of Selected Zoom Presentations

  • Transition – What’s Next
    by Thye Hua Kwan Moral Charities - EIPIC Centre

    Discover how we transit our children with developmental needs when they graduate from EIPIC centres to mainstream or special schools.

  • Social Work Practice Research in Financial and Home Asset-Building Conversations
    by South Central Community Family Service Centre

    Learn more about the use of Practice Research in understanding families’ experiences of getting home ownership and the evolving role of social workers.

  • Transition Framework for Children and Young Persons
    by Child Protective Service (CPS), Ministry of Social and Family Development

    Changes in care arrangements can create feelings of anxiety, confusion, fear and sadness in children and their caregivers. Learn about the 3-stage transition framework developed by CPS from their casework experience to help children find stability, sense of identity and belonging in their new homes. The framework upholds and integrates trauma-informed and child-centered practices.

  • Protective Behaviours to Prevent Recurrence of Child Sexual Abuse and Family Violence
    by Child Protective Service (CPS), Ministry of Social and Family Development

    Discover more about Protective Behaviours (PB), a safety awareness and resilience building programme that develops personal safety skills in children and young persons. It also encourages community involvement through the development of support networks. This programme is taught to CPS children, their siblings and caregivers to prevent recurrences of sexual abuse and family violence. You will hear about how the PB programme works in an individual setting and in a 6-session group work format.

Special thanks to the agencies that participated in the Virtual Exhibitions on 2, 8 and 9 October 2020:
Agency Title of Presentations and Speakers
AMKFSC Community Services Off- Site Work (OSW Project Stories) @ Seng Kang FSC
Tricia Tee 

Project Stories
Norsalha Binte Mohamad 
Assistant Head of Cheng San Family Service Centre

Yeow Ming Zhen
Assistant Head of Ang Mo Kio Family Service Centre

Yong Jia Chiu
Social Work Assistant of Ang Mo Kio Family Service Centre

Cindy Goh Sze Teng
Social Work Associate of Ang Mo Kio Family Service Centre

Lim Jia Yu
Social Work Associate of Ang Mo Kio Family Service Centre (Family Services @ Yio Chu Kang)

Letchumi Sekar
Social Work Associate of Cheng San Family Service Centre

Nuruljannah Ibrahim
Social Work Associate of Cheng San Family Service Centre

Haiqal Bin Latif
Social Work Assistant of Cheng San Family Service Centre

Enabling Implementation of a Trauma-informed System of Care (TIC) in FSC
Natalie Lim
Centre Head

Ong Pei Ni
Principal Social Worker 

Wee Yong Xin
Assistant Senior Social Worker 

Anne Chui Yong Hui
Deputy Head

Social Worker 
AWWA Transitional Shelter Pathways to Homelessness Research Findings
Xu Yuqi
Senior Social Worker

Esther Tan
Social Work Associate

Siti Syuhada
Social Worker

Robert Pollack
Social Worker

Ibrahim Bin Rajab
Operations Executive
Child Protective Service, Ministry of Social and Family Development Transition Framework for Children
Lin Siping

Lin Qingfei
Senior Counsellor

Protective Behaviours to Prevent Recurrence of Child Sexual and Family Violence
Nurmy Ibrahim

Hafeeza Hussain
Senior Child Protection Officer
Fei Yue Community Services A Forever Home for A Child Adoption
Cheng Wenshan
Principal Social Worker

Janet Liam
Social worker

Youth GO! Sepak Takraw Competition
Rauf Malachi
Social Worker Associate

Koh Wei Jian Alvin
Social Worker
Field Educator Network (FEN) Field Educator Network (FEN)
Chung You Jin
Senior Lecturer (SUSS)

Diana Wee
Lecturer (NYP)

Lyon Koh
Hougang Sheng Hong Family Service Centre Empowering Clients with Mental Illness to Work Towards Their Personal Recovery using A Goal Attainment Approach
Kenneth Lim
Assistant Senior Social Worker
Islamic Religious Council of Singapore (MUIS) The Postgraduate Certificate in Islam in Contemporary Societies (PCICS)

PCICS Practicum Modules

PCICS Student Welfare and Support
KKH Women’s and Children’s Hospital Couple Therapy and Female Sexual Dysfunction
Phyllis Wong
Principal Medical Social Worker/ Family Therapist

Impact of ACES in the 0-3 Age Group: Perspective from A Home Visitation Programme
Dr Oh Jean Yin
Senior Consultant
MINDS MINDS Siblings Team
Tay Yu Ping
Senior Social Worker

Loh Peng Chuan
Social Worker

Choo Hui Hong Melissa
Social Worker

Koh Shine
Social Worker

Ng Yue Shean Nicole
Social Worker
Montfort Care Happy Kopitiam – Nurturing Healthy Ageing through Experiential Learning
Wang Yu Hsuan

Dian Maisarah
Social Worker

Afif Arifin
Senior Programme Executive
SASW Special Committee (Crisis Response) SASW Crisis Response Team
Lee Seng Meng
SHINE Children and Youth Services Youth COP
Tan Yee Ying
Social Worker
Singapore Association of Social Workers Various Community of Practices (COP) Projects
Fan Loo Ching
Manager (AIC)

Santhiya Devi
Senior Medical Social Worker (KTPH)

Quek Seok Bin
Programme Administrator
South Central Community Family Service Centre Social Work Practice Research in Financial and Home Asset- Building Conversations
Eswari Annavee
Senior Social Worker

Tan Kwan Boon
Social Worker

Woo Pei Yi
Lead Social Worker (Viriya Community Services)
Thye Hua Kwan Family Services Division THK Family Connector
Ryo Wong
Senior Social Worker

Poon Kay Yan
Senior Social Worker

Lim Yin Yu
Senior Social Worker
Our Keluarga (OK)
Terence Ong
Assistant Senior Social Worker

Kamielah Binti Khairoullah
Social Worker
Thye Hua Kwan Moral Charities - EIPIC Centre Transition – What’s Next
Tan Wen Yun Debbie
Assistant Senior Social Worker

Su Ying Ting
Assistant Senior Social Worker
TOUCH Community Services TOUCH Professional Deputies and Donees Services
Julia Lee
Senior Director and Registered Professional Deputy and Donee, RSW

Lai Yen Hoon
Senior Social Worker and Registered Professional Deputy and Donee, RSW
Viriya Community Services Viriya Corner
Alicia Lam
Centre Manager
People, Life & You (P.L.A.Y Mobile) – The Door to The “Hidden Child”
Yet Tun Hoong
Centre Manager

Addressing Complexity through Enhancing Mental Health with a Community- Based Multi- Disciplinary Team (The MDT Approach)
Sandra Loo
Senior Manager
Woodlands Health Campus Using Quality Improvement Work Process Methodology for Clinical Case Debrief 
Melissa Chew
Head of department, Principal Medical Social Worker

Use of Expressive Arts Technique in Supervision
Kitty Lee
Principal Medical Social Worker

Proactive Screening of Inpatient Cases to Reduce Average Length of Stay
Cherlyn Quek
Senior Medical Social Worker

Janice Tng
Senior Medical Social Worker
Yishun Health Medical Social Service Evaluating the Effectiveness of the Stroke Survivor Support Group (SSSG) Pilot Programme
Lim Li Ying
Medical Social Worker

Chella Sim Li Shien
Medical Social Worker