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Criteria for Foster parents
Fostering In Singapore - MSF Fostering Scheme 

Eligibility Criteria to be Foster Parents 

The most important criteria for a foster parent would be love for children, and the desire to help them in their time of need. Many of these children have been through a difficult time in their lives and need a safe environment to build a happy childhood. Applicants must: 

  • Be a resident of Singapore
  • Be at least 25 years old and married
  • Be medically fit to care for children
  • Have a minimum monthly household income of S$2,000 and a PCI of at least $700*
  • Have attained secondary school education
  • Have experience caring for and living with children and/or exhibit strong parenting skills;
  • Be willing to provide and ensure a child-safe home environment for the foster child. 
  • Be willing to work with MSF and other professionals for the child's best interest.


Please note that the criteria listed above only serves as a guide. MSF will assess all applications on a case-by-case basis.

​* PCI = Per Capita Income = (Total household income) / (Total number of people in the household)

Qualifying Criteria for Foster Parents  

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