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Selected Fostering Agencies
Our Partners - Community Outreach 

Selected Fostering Agencies

Fostering Agencies (FAs) are Volunteer Welfare Organisations (VWOs) that work together with MSF to provide fostering services to vulnerable children.

Invitation for Proposals: Open Selection Process for the Appointment of Fostering Agencies

The Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF) is inviting social service organisations to take part in an Open Selection Process (OSP) to select Service Providers (SP) for the Fostering Agencies (FA) Pilot. There are currently 3 FAs in Singapore. In this round of open selection, MSF will appoint another Service Provider as an FA in 2017/2018.

The key objectives of the FAs:

i. Providing support to foster parents to facilitate the care of their foster children. This includes counselling and parenting advice, and helping to integrate the foster children into their natural families.

ii. Broadening Singapore’s foster family outreach and recruitment efforts.

A compulsory briefing will be held on 13th Oct 2017 at 10am at Treasury Room (Level 14) of MSF Building (512 Thomson Road, Singapore 298136). Please note that attendance at this briefing is mandatory in order to be eligible for the submission of proposals. Interested parties should RSVP for the briefing by sending your reply slip to Ms Jeslin Wong (Tel: 6354 7024, Email Address:

Interested applicants must also submit their proposals by 5pm on 3 November 2017 to Ms Christine Yan (Tel: 6354 7576, Email Address: and/or Ms Neo Beng Choo (Tel: 6354 7097 , Email Address: Please feel free to address any clarifications to them as well.

Download the briefing reply slip here.

Fostering Agencies

To provide greater quality care to our foster families, we have established partnerships with fostering agencies (FAs) in 2015. Previously, the Government had been the sole provider of fostering services for vulnerable children and children in need.

The FAs will work with us to build fostering capabilities within the community by:

1. Broadening MSF’s foster family outreach and recruitment efforts

FAs will organise outreach initiatives to raise awareness about the need for foster parents and actively recruit new foster parents through their extensive community networks.

2. Providing support to foster parents to extend better care for their foster children

FAs will provide regular support to foster parents through:

  • Counselling and parenting advice;
  • Training; and
  • Facilitating the integration of foster children into foster families.

MSF-Selected Fostering Agencies

Three Voluntary Welfare Organisations (VWOs) have been selected as Fostering Agencies (FAs), namely MCYC Community Services Society, Boys’ Town and Persatuan Pemudi Islam Singapura (PPIS).

MCYCMCYC Community Services Society

MCYC Community Services Society was registered with the Registry of Society on 6 June 2008, and is a full-member of the National Council of Social Service. It is a registered charity and has also been granted the Institution of a Public Character status. The organisation was officially launched as MCYC Community Services Society in 4 April 2009 and is affiliated to Barker Road Methodist Church. The objectives of the Society are to help children, youths and parents of all language, race and religion, especially from dysfunctional, disadvantaged and needy families. Their aim is to develop their potential to the fullest, enjoy a balanced family life, become responsible and caring family members, and become useful members of society.

Visit their website at You may also email them at or call their enquiry line at 9119-8711.

Boys’ TownBoys’ Town

Boys’ Town is a charity started by the Brothers of St. Gabriel that provides residential care, street outreach, and community and school-based programmes for youth-in-need. It reaches out to youths, typically between the ages of 10 and 21, from disadvantaged and disengaged families. These youths face hardship resulting from difficult living situations, poor nutrition, financial struggles, chaotic home environment, abandonment or abuse. Each year, Boys’ Town reaches out to over 300 youth-in-need and their families. Through its services and programmes, it equips vulnerable youths with the skills they need to become responsible and contributing members of society.

Visit their website at You may also email them at or call their enquiry line at 9113-7612.

PPISPersatuan Pemudi Islam Singapura (PPIS)

Founded in 1952, PPIS (Persatuan Pemudi Islam Singapura or Singapore Muslim Women's Association) is a non-profit organisation focused on community services. it is dedicated to working with women of all ages in carrying out their multiple roles in society. PPIS runs three core community services namely Family Services, Student Care and Early Childhood Education (ECE). With 16 centres island wide, the services work together to provide support as well as developmental programmes for women and their families. In 2009, it was also appointed as the Centre of Specialisation in working with Malay-Muslim families by the National Council of Social Service (NCSS). PPIS conducts training programmes and workshops for social service professionals to have a better understanding of their Malay-Muslim clients. PPIS's key services include:

Family Service Centres

Family therapy institute

Marriage preparation and enrichment programmes

Divorce Support Specialist Centre

Student Care Centres

Early childhood education

Training and consultancy 

Visit their website at You may also email them at or call their enquiry line at 6744-0258.

Working with Fostering Agencies

MSF will work closely with the appointed FAs by providing the following support services:

  • Training
  • Joint case discussions
  • Job shadowing with MSF Fostering Services staff
Published On Tue, Oct 3, 2017
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