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Some Children Waiting for Foster Families
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Some Children Waiting for Foster Families

There are many children waiting to be part of a foster family. Some of these children are in their school-going years, and some have special educational, emotional or medical needs. Their greatest need is a nurturing and safe home environment that will provide the love and care that they need. By providing a loving home, you can help these children to thrive and reach their fullest potential, as well as create a memorable childhood. 

Below are some of these children who are currently on our waitlist. If you can provide a home for them, please step forward to join us as foster parents. Make a difference in their lives today.

 Updated as of 1 Dec 2017.


Jie Sheng

10 years old, Chinese-Malay, Male

Jie Sheng is a Chinese-Malay Muslim boy who is expressive and is able to articulate his thoughts well. Despite growing up in a harsh environment where he was subjected to physical abuse by his mother, his teachers have noted that he has no major behavioural issues. In order for him to thrive, he needs more than just a house to stay in, but also a family that can truly care for him.



9 years old, Chinese, Female

Sally is a young girl with some learning difficulties. She is obedient and able to listen to instructions spoken to her in Mandarin. She requires assistance in her daily activities such as bathing and toileting. She needs a patient and affectionate figure who is able to care for her and provide her with a stable home environment.   



10 years old, Malay, Female 

Aiysah is a cheerful, helpful and independent girl who is ever ready to help whenever the situation calls for it. As she has some difficulties understanding and complying with instructions, she requires a positive role model for guidance. Although Aiysah might display impoliteness when she encounters people whom she dislikes, she is able to reflect on her actions and feels remorse soon after. With proper guidance and patience, we hope that she will be able to manage her emotions and behaviours better.



9 years old, Chinese, Female

Crystal is a polite and pleasant girl. Growing up in a harsh and stressful environment, Crystal was noted to exhibit low self-worth which might potentially inhibit her ability to excel in future. She has some minimal behaviour issues which have improved overtime. With proper guidance and a reliable parental figure, Crystal will be able to regain confidence and unleash her capabilities.


Alvin and John

11 and 10 years old respectively, Chinese, Males

Severely neglected and brought up in poor living conditions, Alvin and John have not experienced any parental affection. The siblings need a loving and resilient family that can provide them care and support for them to blossom. Both Alvin and John have some learning difficulties and are currently in their school’s learning support programme. They do not exhibit much behavioural issues.



13 years old, Indian, Female

Despite growing up in an unstable home environment, Vicki is noted to be a polite and obedient girl. She is introverted and thus she needs a safe and loving home where she can feel comfortable to open up to the people around her.


*All names of the children have been changed to protect their identity. Please contact the Fostering Service at if you are interested to provide care for these children.

Published On Wed, Mar 18, 2015
Last Reviewed On Mon, Dec 11, 2017