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Some Children Waiting for Foster Families


Some Children Waiting for Foster Families
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Some Children Waiting for Foster Families

There are many children waiting to be part of a foster family. Some of these children are in their school-going years, and some have special educational, emotional or medical needs. Their greatest need is a nurturing and safe home environment that will provide the love and care that they need. By providing a loving home, you can help these children to thrive and reach their fullest potential, as well as create a memorable childhood. 

Please note that the following profiles are meant to provide you with a better idea of the background and needs of the children sho come into foster care, and not for the purpose of matching the children with foster families.




3+ years old, Chinese, Male

David was referred due to concerns over physical punishment and exposure to family violence. He is diagnosed with Global Developmental Delay and has limited verbal skills. David would benefit from a loving home with carers who can guide him to express his emotions in a positive manner.


Harry, Sandra & Alice

6+ years old, Male, 5 years old, Female & 4 years old, Female

The siblings were referred due to long-term neglect as their biological parents were unable to meet their basic needs. While Harry is diagnosed with Global Developmental Delay, Sandra and Alice have no known medical conditions. They can be cared by different foster families who could provide them with basic necessities and love.



3 years old, Malay, Female

Zoe is a quiet child who has been observed to have difficulties interacting with her peers. Nevertheless, she is able to listen to instructions and have recently shown improvements in her behavior. Zoe could certainly continue to thrive in a nurturing environment with love and attention from a foster family.


6 years old, Male

Jason is a cheerful boy although it would take time for him to warm up to others.  Having exposed to family violence at home, Jason is in need of an affectionate foster family who is able to meet his developmental needs. 


*All names of the children have been changed to protect their identity. Please contact the Fostering Service at if you are interested to provide care for these children.