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Some Children Waiting for Foster Families
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Some Children Waiting for Foster Families

There are many children waiting to be part of a foster family. Some of these children are in their school-going years, and some have special educational, emotional or medical needs. Their greatest need is a nurturing and safe home environment that will provide the love and care that they need. By providing a loving home, you can help these children to thrive and reach their fullest potential, as well as create a memorable childhood. 

Below are some of these children who are currently on our waitlist. If you can provide a home for them, please step forward to join us as foster parents. Make a difference in their lives today.

 Updated as of 19 March 2019.






Kyler  & Kaleb

5 years old, Chinese, Male

3 years old, Chinese, Male

Kyler and Kaleb are siblings with no known medical conditions. Both brothers are adaptable and able to adjust well to new routines quickly. Though Kyler has stranger anxiety and may take some time to get comfortable with new faces, he is like a normal child who likes watching videos. Although Kyler may require slightly more persuasion, he is able to follow instructions with patience and coaching. As the more outgoing brother, Kaleb plays well with others and expresses his delight through singing. Being victims of neglect, a loving and patient foster family would be able to make a great difference in their lives.




2 months old, Malay, Male

Irfan is a premature baby who would certainly benefit from having foster parents who could provide tender loving care. With dedicated attention and care, Irfan could grow well and meet his developmental milestones.




5 years old, Malay, Female

Emma has met her developmental milestones. She has no known medical conditions and would certainly benefit from an environment that can help her develop her potential. 



6 years old, Indian, Male

Despite being exposed to physical punishment and violence between his parents at a tender age, Shrini is a pleasant and playful boy who remains positive throughout the circumstances he has been through. Born prematurely, Shrini also has global developmental delay and speech issues. Despite these conditions, he has surpassed himself and performed much better than expected considering his stormy neonatal course. A loving and caring home will deeply aid Shrini to thrive and meet his developmental needs.  

*All names of the children have been changed to protect their identity. Please contact the Fostering Service at if you are interested to provide care for these children.

Published On Wed, Mar 18, 2015
Last Reviewed On Mon, Sep 2, 2019