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Some Children Waiting for Foster Families
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Some Children Waiting for Foster Families

There are many children waiting to be part of a foster family. Some of these children are in their school-going years, and some have special educational, emotional or medical needs. Their greatest need is a nurturing and safe home environment that will provide the love and care that they need. By providing a loving home, you can help these children to thrive and reach their fullest potential, as well as create a memorable childhood. 

Below are some of these children who are currently on our waitlist. If you can provide a home for them, please step forward to join us as foster parents. Make a difference in their lives today.

 Updated as of 26 Feb 2018.



12 years old, Chinese, Male

Lack of parental supervision led to Tom and his siblings being neglected and having to put up with poor living conditions. Tom has learning difficulties and is in a learning support program in school. Tom has no reported behavioural issues.



9 years old, Malay, Male

Despite growing up in a harsh environment where he had lost a sibling due to physical abuse, Mike is noted to be generally quite pleasant and obedient. When upset with his siblings, he may exhibit some forceful behaviour. Besides having asthma, Mike is also receiving help for his weight through a weight management programme. A loving and caring environment could just be the spark to help him overcome his issues and carry him forward.



8 years old, Indian-Muslim, Male 

Vivaan is a typical, active 8 year-old who loves to play outdoors. He is generally obedient, able to listen to instructions and comply in a structured environment. However, as his natural parents are suffering from mental and physical ailments, they are unable to care for him. Thus, he needs someone to care for him and provide him with a healthy home environment to grow up well.  



9 years old , Malay, Male

As his father is incarcerated overseas, Hakim is need of a caregiver and is awaiting a foster home. Well-mannered, Hakim likes to engage in conversation with others, such as the residents and staff at the home. He is noted to be obedient with no reported behavioural issues.



9 years old, Malay, Male

Peter has a quiet disposition. Even though he does not have formal education yet, he is able to converse well in Malay. He does not have any medical conditions except for a tendency to wet his bed at night. A strong social support system may be what he requires to fulfil his untapped



9 years old, Chinese, Female

Ruby is a polite and pleasant girl. Growing up in a harsh and stressful environment, Ruby was noted to exhibit low self-worth which might potentially inhibit her ability to excel in future. She has some minimal behaviour issues which have improved overtime. With proper guidance and a reliable parental figure, Ruby will be able to regain confidence and unleash her capabilities.


9 years old, Malay, Male

Subjected to harsh physical punishment by his father whenever his room is untidy or when he
does not finish his food, he might look as if he is wary of adults during meal times and at home.
He does have a medical history of having fits when he was younger and had to be admitted to the hospital. Despite the rough environment that he was brought up, Sam is a cheerful and energetic young boy with no other behavioural issues noted.



12 years old, Malay, Female

Sarah came into care due to inappropriate touching and excessive discipline by her father as well as exposure to family violence. A nurturing and loving environment is what Sarah needs. There were no reported behavioural issues for Sarah.





13 years old, Malay, Male

Noted to be a courteous and well-mannered teenager, Ahmad has some issues over his own personal grooming. As such, his self-esteem and his friendships with classmate supposedly took a negative impact. A caring environment could be what Ahmad requires to lift him up.



8 years old, Chinese, Female

Susan came into our care due to concerns over the harsh physical punishment by her natural mother. Bubbly and cheerful, she may appear reserved but warms up easily to others. There were no reported behavioural issues for Susan.

*All names of the children have been changed to protect their identity. Please contact the Fostering Service at if you are interested to provide care for these children.

Published On Wed, Mar 18, 2015
Last Reviewed On Mon, Feb 26, 2018