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Some Children Waiting for Foster Families
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Some Children Waiting for Foster Families

There are many children waiting to be part of a foster family. Some of these children are in their school-going years, and some have special educational, emotional or medical needs. Their greatest need is a nurturing and safe home environment that will provide the love and care that they need. By providing a loving home, you can help these children to thrive and reach their fullest potential, as well as create a memorable childhood. 

Below are some of these children who are currently on our waitlist. If you can provide a home for them, please step forward to join us as foster parents. Make a difference in their lives today.

 Updated as of 26 Feb 2018.



4 years old, Malay, Male

Haafiq has no behavioural or medical issues, and interacts well with his peers. Having been exposed to inappropriate physical punishment and domestic violence at a young age, a new, healthy and loving home would be critical in shaping Haafiq during his growing years.



10 years old, Malay, Male

Subjected to harsh physical punishment by his father whenever his room was untidy or when he did not finish his food, Sadeem may understandably appear wary of adults during meal times and at home. He also has a medical history of being admitted to the hospital when he was younger due to fits. However, despite the rough environment that he was brought up in, Sadeem remains a cheerful and energetic young boy with no other behavioural issues noted and would benefit from the safety and stability of a loving home. 



10 years old, Chinese, Male 

Jordan is a cheerful and friendly boy with a pleasant disposition. He has been diagnosed with ADHD, and his history of neglect has caused him to exhibit certain behaviours such as stealing money to buy food. A patient and loving home environment would aid Jordan in discerning right from wrong and give him the opportunity to excel.  



11 years old , Malay, Female

Aishah is a well-behaved girl who gets along with her friends. Art therapy sessions have helped calm her down greatly, and her past temper tantrums have been much better managed as a result. Aishah is dyslexic and attends sessions at the Dyslexia Association Singapore. She is noted to be diligent and does her best in school. 


Mei Yan

12 years old, Chinese, Female

Mei Yan is a vocal girl who is well-liked by her teachers and friends. She is usually mild-mannered, but has been noted to occasionally lose her temper and throw small objects around as she had witnessed her natural family doing in the past. A nurturing environment would set a good example for her to follow and help her mature into a confident and capable teenager.



8 years old, Indian-Muslim, Male

Vivaan is a typical, active 8-year-old who loves to play outdoors. He is generally obedient, and able to listen and comply with instructions in a structured environment. Unfortunately, his natural parents are suffering from mental and physical ailments and they are unable to care for him. Vivaan needs a family to care for him and provide him with a loving home environment to grow up well.  


9 years old, Malay, Male

Putra has not received any formal education but he is able to converse well in Malay. He does not have any medical conditions, although he occasionally wets his bed at night. While he is rather quiet and reserved, a strong social support system may be just what he requires to gain some confidence.



12 years old, Malay, Female

Sarah came into care due to inappropriate touching and excessive discipline by her father as well as exposure to family violence. Despite this, Sarah does not have any reported behavioural issues. A safe, nurturing and loving environment is what Sarah needs to flourish. 





*All names of the children have been changed to protect their identity. Please contact the Fostering Service at if you are interested to provide care for these children.

Published On Wed, Mar 18, 2015
Last Reviewed On Mon, May 28, 2018