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Support for foster parents


Support for foster parents
Fostering In Singapore - MSF Fostering Scheme 

Support for Foster Parents

Getting Support as a Foster Parent 

As the saying goes, 'It takes a village to raise a child'. Likewise, we believe that raising a child is a combined effort. You are never alone in your fostering journey! Support will be provided by MSF and the existing network of foster parents. We will do our best to ensure that both you and your foster child receive the best support possible. MSF announced an increase to the fostering allowance rate in Aug 2022.  


1. Support from Foster Care Officer (FCO)

A Foster Care Officer will be attached to every foster parent to provide guidance and support. Your officer will maintain contact with you and your foster child through regular phone calls and home visits. 

2. Training

First-time foster parents are provided with training sessions to equip you with the skills needed to care for your foster child. Trainings are usually held on weekends.

Training Curriculum for Foster Parents 

  1. Foster Care in Context
  2. Bonding and Attachment
  3. Grief and Loss
  4. Abuse and Trauma
  5. Identity and Birth Family Contact (Access)
  6. Managing Challenging Situations
  7. Teamwork
  8. Managing Closure

3. Emergency Hotline

In case of emergency, foster parents will be able to obtain immediate support via our emergency hotline available 24/7.

4. Support Groups

Support Groups have been self-administered by some of our foster parents. They provide an avenue for foster parents to share their experiences and best practices with one another, as well as offer a source of emotional support and encouragement.

5. Respite Care

Foster parents who are unable to care for the foster child for brief periods of time (e.g. when on overseas trips) may request for respite care from another foster parent during this period.

6. Financial Support 

To assist in the financial cost of caring for the foster child, MSF provides the following: 

  1. Fostering Allowance - For every foster child under your care, MSF provides the foster parents with an allowance of S$1,100 (for a child with typically developing needs) or S$1,500 (for a child with special needs). The allowance will help to defray the daily expenses of the child such as food, clothing, education, tuition, transport expense, etc. 

  3. Childcare and Medical Subsidies - Foster parents who wish to place the foster child in a student, child or infant care centre will only need to pay a maximum of S$200. MSF also provides every foster child with a Medical Fee Exemption Card (MFEC) to cover all medical expenses at polyclinics and Government hospitals.

    7. Childcare Leave Benefits 

    Foster parents enjoy childcare leave benefits for their foster children, just as natural parents do under the Child Development Co-Savings Act and Employment Act. With the leave benefits, foster parents who work can utilise the leave to take care of their foster children, for example to bring their foster children to see a doctor when they are ill.

    You can refer to the following websites for more details on the childcare leave schemes: