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National Committee on Prevention, Rehabilitation and Recidivism

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Conversations On Youth 2019

Conversations On Youth (COY), is a symposium to bring together school leaders, school personnel in charge of student discipline, social and youth workers, law enforcement officers and participants from the organising ministries for a dialogue on youth delinquency and offending. COY 2019 was held on 9 September 2019, with the theme Moving Upstream - Early Prevention of Youth Offending. It aimed to raise awareness of youth offending trends and long term school absenteeism, as well as to facilitate discussion on upstream prevention strategies. The event host was Mr Desmond Lee, Minister for Social and Family Development and Second Minister for National Development.

Symposium Materials
Supporting children and youth from vulnerable families
The Government recently rolled out KidSTART, Uplifting Pupils in Life and Inspiring Families Taskforce (UPLIFT), Localised Community Network (LCN), Strengthening Social Service Delivery (S3D) and Community Link(ComLink). These initiatives focus on upstream prevention, addressing the clients’ needs holistically and tapping on localised community resources to better support our children and youth from vulnerable families.
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Overview of National Committee on Prevention, Rehabilitation and Recidivism (NCPR) and Central Youth Guidance Office (CYGO)
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1. Substance Use Amongst Youth Offenders: Insights from a 10-wave longitudinal study on youth offending
By Dr Adam Oei (MSF) 
2. Youths’ Perception Towards Drug Users: Does drug type and frequency matter?
By Ms Seah Wang Ling (CNB)
3. Secret Societies and Unlicensed Moneylending Situation amongst Youths
By DAC Deculan Goh (SPF)
4. Long Term Absenteeism and Students At-Risk in Schools
By Ms Subashini Sivaram (MOE)