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Singapore Government

NCPR Initiatives


NCPR Initiatives
National Committee on Prevention, Rehabilitation and Recidivism

NCPR Initiatives

List of Initiatives
Report on Youth Delinquency
The Report on Youth Delinquency is a biennial publication by the NCPR, as a resource for those who work with youth-at-risk and youth offenders. The report covers a range of topics, including key statistics on the overall youth offending situation, information on publicly-funded support available to youth-at-risk and youth offenders, research findings on youth offending, among others.

The inaugural publication was a physical report titled the ​National Report on Youth Crime (2007-2013). ​Subsequent reports were renamed as ​Report on Youth Delinquency to reflect the inclusion of content on youth-at-risk, and released as digital reports to enhance access for those who work with youth-at-risk and youth offenders.

The latest publication by the NCPR, Report on Youth Delinquency 2021: I'm not difficult; I'm in a difficult situation, shifts the spotlight to the positive development of youth-at-risk and youth offenders, as well as the difficult family and global environments that many of these youth-at-risk and youth offenders may find themselves. 

Download the Report on Youth Delinquency 2021: I'm not difficult; I'm in a difficult situation and past editions here:


Full Report



Full Report

Infographic 1: Juridical Approach to Youth Offenders

Infographic 2: Pre​-Court Diversion for Youth Offenders

Infographic 3: Upstream Measures to Build Protective Factors

Youth Advisory Group (YAG)

Set up in 2017, the YAG comprises young members fro​m diverse backgrounds. They are appointed on a 2-year term by the co-chairpersons of the National Committee on Prevention, Rehabilitation and Recidivism. Their roles are to provide youth perspectives, suggestions and feedback on policies, programmes and campaigns concerning young people.

The 23 YAG members for the term 1 August 2021 to 31 July 2023 are:

​ ​
YAG Member Afikah Norazmi
YAG member Ashley Tan
YAG member Elis Wong
A​shl​ey Tan
Elis Wong
YAG member Erna Nur Ellieyana
YAG member Francine Tan
YAG member Haiza Binti Azmi
Erna Nur
Francine ​Tan  Haiza Binti Azmi

YAG member Heidi Neo
YAG member Jerlin Cheong
YAG member Jessica Nagulendran
Heidi Neo Jerlin

Jessica Nagulendran

YAG member Shannon Lee
YAG member Siti Nurhajah
YAG member Valerie Yeo
Shannon Lee
Siti Nurhajah
Valerie Yeo

YAG member Yesha Kamakshi
YAG member Adriale Pang
YAG member Gerard Berchman Fernandez
Yesha Kamakshi Adriale Pang  Gerard Berchman Fernandez

YAG member Hng Boon Siang
YAG member Lee Zhi Wei
YAG member Lim Zi Fei
H'ng Boon Siang

Lee Zhi Wei

Lim Zi Fei

YAG member Jadyn Ng
YAG member Jasper Yap
YAG member Javier Ng​​​​
Jadyn Ng​
Jasper Yap
Javier Ng

YAG member Joshua Foong
YAG member Joshua Tay

Joshua Foong
Joshua Tay


The YAG members appointed for the following periods were: 

1 August 2017 to 31 July 2019  

1. Adalene Chua You Yan
2. Carlos Andres Monasterios Tan
3. Daniel Aloysius John
4. Hannah Ferlyn Goh Xue Kim
5. James Stuart
6. Jessica Nagulendran
7. Lau Hwei Gary
8. Muhammad Fadzli Bin Jani
9. Nicholas Tan Wei Chun
10. Puvanasawaran s/o Manikam
11. Tan Jing Zhi
12. Yeo Jing Jie


1 August 2019 to 31 July 2021

1. Afikah Norazmi
2. Erna Nur Ellieyana
3. Jerlin Cheong
4. Jessica Nagulendran
5. Shannon Lee
6. Wong Chia Ying
7. Asyraf
8. Jadyn Ng
9. James Stuart
10. Jasper Yap
11. Javier Ng
12. Joshua Foong
13. Kesavan Krisnan
14. Nicholas Tan​​