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About Us


About Us
National Committee on Youth Guidance and Rehabilitation

About Us

Formed in 1995, the National Committee on Youth Guidance and Rehabilitation (NYGR) addresses problems and issues related to juvenile delinquency in Singapore by:

  • working with our partners to support youth-at-risk and help them find positive alternatives to crime and anti-social behaviour coordinating and reviewing existing intervention programmes to identify gaps
  • leading collaborative research on youth-at-risk issues and the effectiveness of programmes
  • developing a central system to facilitate data sharing across agencies
  • working with social service agencies, self-help groups and other community organisations to develop programmes and build capabilities
  • The Central Youth Guidance Office (CYGO) is the secretariat to the NYGR.

NYGR comprises agencies with a stake in reducing juvenile delinquency and youth crime. These include representatives from:

NYGR Members

List of current committee members (2017 - 2019)

NYGR Working Group Members

List of current working group members (2017 - 2019)

Our History

In 1994, an Inter-Ministry Committee on Dysfunctional Families, Juvenile Delinquency and Drug Abuse (IMC) was formed to study the problems and recommend solutions for these three areas.