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Youth & Family Programmes
National Committee on Youth Guidance and Rehabilitation

Youth & Family Programmes

The NYGR maintains an overview of the intervention programmes for youth and their families.

Youth GO! Programme

Youth GO! Programme (YGP) is a youth outreach programme which is modelled after well-established street outreach services overseas such as Hong Kong’s. 

The key objectives are to support at-risk youth, aged 12 to 21, so that they will be meaningfully engaged either in their studies or work, stay crime-free and able to solve problems and be resilient individuals. 

Youth GO! aims to bring services to the local community congregation areas and hotspots where youths hang out.  The youth and social workers from the outreach service team work with local communities and government agencies to proactively engage youths where they are. Intervention is delivered within an informal and flexible programme design including case management services and interest-based activities.

The Central Youth Guidance Office (CYGO) is piloting Youth GO! in North East, North West and South West districts.

Care Corner Singapore Ltd and Fei Yue Community Services have been appointed as the VWOs to run the programme. Care Corner for the North East and Fei Yue for the North West and South West districts respectively.

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Sports and Arts (SPAR) Framework

The Sports and Arts (SPAR) framework was developed to focus on pedagogy and curriculum development, training and capability building of professionals. The framework involves the delivery of structure, group-based, hands-on learning through the medium of sports or arts, combined with social work intervention. 

The Game For Life (GFL) toolkit has been developed by Sport Singapore to instil character and values   intentionally through activities. In collaboration with Sport Singapore, CYGO contextualised the evidence-based GFL toolkit to the youth-at-risk population. The contextualised toolkit, called Game For Life (GFL) for Youth-At-Risk resource guide, aims to develop values and character for youth-at-risk. It also guides youth practitioners to be purposeful in planning and executing sports and arts programmes. 

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Youth-At-Risk Engagement (YARE) Framework

YARE is an early intervention framework to support youth-at-risk (YAR) using evidence-based or evidence-informed services and/or programmes. This framework consists of the following components: 

a) Assessment of risks

b) Evidence based/informed programmes

c) Evaluation of the programmes

d) Standards of competency for youth workers 

The YARE Framework is a pilot which started on 1 June 2016, and will last for up to 3 years. Ten service providers have been appointed to deliver programmes under the YARE framework, which are funded fully under VWOs-Charities Capability Fund (VCF). 

Who can benefit from YARE intervention?

Youths aged 12 to 21 years old who have at-risk traits such as

  • conduct issues;
  • peer or family relationship issues;
  • bullying (bully or victim);
  • social difficulties;
  • anti-social attitudes or behaviours;
  • dependence/addiction to cyber activities, drinking, sexual, substances etc;
  • incarceration of parents or significant care-giver;
  • criminal conduct; and/or 
  • poor response to school intervention;
  • children of divorced families

Service providers providing YARE programmes

You may contact the service providers in the list below to find out more about their specific programmes. 

Download: List of YARE service providers (updated 10 Oct 2018)

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Beyond Parental Control

If a child who is below 16 years old is beyond parental control and displays serious behavioural problems in school and/or at home, as a last resort, parents and caregivers who need help to manage them can apply at the Children Care Court that their child is beyond their control.

Click here to learn more about Beyond Parental Control.

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Prison Visits

The visit programme at the Changi Prison Complex (for boys) or Changi Women’s Prison (for girls) offers youth probationers an opportunity to receive information and advice from prison officers on the harsh reality of life behind bars.

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Pre-Court Diversionary Programmes

The Probation and Community Rehabilitation Service currently oversees the following diversionary programmes – Guidance Programme, Streetwise Programme and Youth Enhanced Supervision (YES) Scheme. Guided by a social worker, the youth is involved in a six-month programme which includes individual, group-based and family sessions. The programmes aim to help the youth make the right choices and lead a crime-free lifestyle.

Find out more: Pre-Court Diversionary Programmes

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Guidance Programme

A programme for youth offenders who commit minor offences. These youth offenders could be let off with a stern warning if they complete the programme successfully, in lieu of court prosecution.

Find out more: Pre-Court Diversionary Programmes

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Streetwise Programme (SWP)

Launched in 1997, SWP is a 6-month voluntary, preventive and rehabilitative for youths who associate with gangs.

The programme helps such youths make a fresh start in life through a series of individual counselling, group work and family counselling session. These sessions focus on gang intervention and building the youth’s self efficacy.

Find out more: Pre-Court Diversionary Programmes

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Enhanced Streetwise Programme (ESWP)

ESWP is for youth offenders who play a minor role in gang-related offences. These youth offenders could be let off with a stern warning if they complete the programme successfully, in lieu of court prosecution.

Find out more: Pre-Court Diversionary Programmes

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Youth Enhanced Supervision (YES) Scheme

A programme for youth offenders who abuse drugs. Youth offenders in the programme also undergo a regular urine test regime.

Find out more: Pre-Court Diversionary Programmes

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Family Court Conferences

In considering the best interests of juvenile offenders, the Magistrate of the Juvenile Court may order for a Family Conference to be convened for juvenile offenders.

Please click on this link for more details.

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Project HEAL (Healing, Empowering And Linking)

Project HEAL is a collaborative project between the Family and Juvenile Court and the Probation Services Branch, MSF. In these conferences held in the Court, victims and/or family members have the chance to engage in a restorative session with the juvenile offenders. Victims have the chance to share the impact of the offence on them. Issues of restitution and/or making amends are discussed during the session. These help the victims and offenders to come to terms with the offences.

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