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Anti-Drug Talks & Exhibitions

Anti-Drug Talks & Exhibitions

Anti-Drug Talks 

The Central Narcotics Bureau (CNB) organises school assembly talks for students in primary and secondary schools, international schools and tertiary institutes.

These talks comprise:

  • narcotics officers sharing on the consequences and penalties of abusing drugs 
  • videos and animation 
  • real-life cases

Anti-drug talks are given to parents and working adults to educate them on issues relating to drug abuse, legal consequences and tell-tale signs. CNB may also arrange smaller group-sharing sessions to discuss these topics in greater depth.

Anti-drug exhibitions are usually held in schools and public places where booklets and souvenirs carrying anti-drug messages are distributed.

The Addiction Mall at the HealthZone in the Health Promotion Board building also boasts a wide range of interactive exhibits on anti-drug and anti-smoking messages.

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Last Reviewed On Wed, Jan 11, 2017