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Campaigns & Education Activities

Campaigns & Education Activities

Anti-Drug Campaigns & Competitions

The Central Narcotics Bureau organises programmes on an annual basis to equip students, youths and the general public with the knowledge to stay drug-free.

Some of these programmes and activities include:

Youth Crime Prevention Roadshow

The annual programme educates youths on ways to avoid committing crimes or becoming victims of crimes. Counselling and booths to seek help are also provided at the roadshow.

Together with NYGR partners, the Singapore Police Force aims to deliver crime prevention messages in innovative ways.

For example, the “Confessions” series of crime prevention videos were produced starting from 2007 to highlight the consequences of crime and its damaging effects to one’s future and family life.

It featured real-life accounts of ex-youth convicts and youths who had gone astray but have turned over a new leaf.

Confession I