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School Programmes


School Programmes

School Programmes

Enhanced STEP-UP Programme

The Enhanced STEP-UP (School Social Work To Empower Pupils to Utilise their Potential) caters to youth who require additional support and encouragement to remain in school, as well as youth who have already dropped out of school.

It provides social work services to build and strengthen social and emotional resilience among youth to bring about positive changes in their lives.

Learn more about Enhanced STEP-UP Programme.

Honorary Volunteer Special Constabulary (VSC) School Scheme

Started in 1997 by the Ministry of Education and Singapore Police Force, this scheme aims to help schools and Institute of Technical Education (ITEs) better manage student delinquency by extending police authority to the following personnel and their equivalents:

  • Discipline Masters/Mistresses
  • Disciplinary Teachers
  • Operations Managers

Appointed as Honorary Voluntary Special Constabulary (VSC) (School) Officers or teacher-cops, they:

  • advise on matters relating to delinquency and police procedures
  • counsel delinquents
  • enforce the law within the school
  • network with stakeholders on youth development
  • build and enhance partnerships with community organisations at the local level to address youth crime

Preventive Drug Education (PDE) DRC Visit Programme

Under the PDE DRC Visit Programme, schools, Institutes of Technical Education and VWOs working with youth identify high-risk youth to visit the Drug Rehabilitation Centre (DRC) located within the Changi Prison Complex.

The Singapore Prison Service (SPS) helps these youth experience the harsh realities of drug abuse and life behind bars.

Police-Schools-MSF Liaison

Liaison officers from the Singapore Police Force, CNB, the Ministry of Education (MOE) and MSF are appointed to facilitate the exchange of information and development of action plans to better manage the youth crime situation in schools.

Prison Visit Education Programme for Schools (PVEPS)

PVEPPVEPS targets students who are considered by their schools as high-risk of committing crime due to their school discipline records. The programme aims to deter potential first-time offenders by exposing them to the harshness of prison life.

Launched in 2004, PVEPS is a joint initiative by the Singapore Police Force, Singapore Prison Service and Ministry of Education.

School Assembly Talks on Crime Prevention

Crime prevention talks are held during school assemblies to educate youths on crime prevention measures and the serious consequences of breaching the laws.

Organised by the National Crime Prevention Council (NCPC) and Singapore Police Force (SPF), the talks make use of videos and real-life case studies to help bring the messages across. Schools may write directly to the NCPC and SPF to arrange for these talks.

School Community Safety and Security Programme (CSSP)

The school CSSP is an action plan jointly developed and implemented by schools, Neighbourhood Police Centres, residents, government agencies and other partners to tackle the safety and security of schools and its surroundings.

Led by the Ministry of Education and Singapore Police Force, examples of school CSSP activities are youth camps, exhibitions and talks.