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Singapore Government

Our Family of Websites

These websites, set up by MSF, help to make our policies and programmes more accessible to citizens.


Adoption Portal

Adopting a child is a long term commitment and responsibility. It can be an enriching and fulfilling experience for both parent and child. Adoption must be considered carefully as the commitment will change your life, the adopted child’s life and your family life. Learn more about the Adoption Process and Criteria.

Baby Bonus Online             

Baby Bonus Online

Join Baby Bonus to get a cash gift and open a Child Development Account (CDA) - a special savings account which can be used for your child's educational and healthcare expenses at Baby Bonus Approved Institutions. 

Break The Silence

A one-stop portal for Family Violence

Celebrating SG Women

Celebrating SG Women

The Ministry of Social and Family Development has dedicated 2021 as the Year of Celebrating SG Women. From our nation’s early years, the progress and achievements of our SG Women – our mothers, sisters, daughters, friends and colleagues – have shaped our homes, schools, workplaces and communities, thus bettering every aspect of our society. Their contributions are integral to our Singapore Story and SG Women are highly valued. We believe more can be done collectively to support, protect and uplift them.


ComCare Portal

ComCare provides social assistance for low-income individuals and families and is available at the Social Service Offices (SSOs). Find out more about the assistance available.

Early Childhood

Early Childhood Development Agency

The Early Childhood and Development Agency oversees the development of children below the age of 7 in kindergartens and child care centres, by regulating and developing the early childhood sector.

Enabling Masterplan             

Enabling Masterplan

The Enabling Masterplans are five-year roadmaps for the government and the community to work together, to support persons with disabilities (PwDs). The Enabling Masterplans cover many areas across each life stage, including early detection, education, employment, health, assistive technology, infrastructure, among others.


Families for Life

A 365-day guide to enriching family life with activities for the whole family to enjoy, ideas to celebrate special occasions, family-centric events to attend as well as resourceful articles on family matters. A Sharelist function in the website allows users to share interesting ideas for family activities and celebratory occasions with their family and friends.

Family Assist

Family Assist is a portal to provide support for couples should they face challenges in their marriage and need help resolving their differences, particularly those with young children. Whether you are open to saving your marriage or decide to proceed with divorce, you can find relevant and reliable information, services and support to help you to make informed decisions in the best interest of your child.

Government-Paid Leave Portal

The GPL Portal is a one-stop transactional portal for the GPL Schemes. It allows the online submission of applications for the various GPL Schemes and aims to provide a user-friendly, seamless and consistent application experience where claims will be processed much quicker.


Maintenance of Parents website

The Maintenance of Parents website provides information on work of the Commissioner and the Tribunal to resolve maintenance dispute

MSFCare Network

Our MSFCare Network connects like-minded volunteers with volunteering opportunities and updates from the MSF-Family and our partners. We also celebrate the rewarding work of volunteering through exclusive content and events.


MSF Fostering Scheme

The Fostering Scheme aims to provide an alternative care arrangement for children who are below 18 years of age and are in need of a safe, stable and nurturing home. Learn more about the scheme and how to apply to be a foster parent.


National Committee on Prevention, Rehabilitation and Recidivism (NCPR)

The National Committee on Prevention, Rehabilitation and Recidivism (NCPR) was set up in April 2018 to oversee national efforts to prevent offending, re-offending and enhance rehabilitation of offenders.


National Council on Problem Gambling (NCPG)

NCPG helps individuals and families deal with problem gambling by providing counselling services, training sessions and other programmes. Take a Gambling Risk Assessment Test online or find out more about helpline and help services, as well as Casino Exclusion to exclude individuals from entering casinos.


National Council of Social Service (NCSS)

NCSS leads and coordinates the social service sector in Singapore. Working with Voluntary Welfare Organisations, NCSS identifies service gaps, pioneers new programmes and sets best practice guidelines. Search for social services online or tap into resources for volunteers.

Office of the Director of Social Welfare

Office of the Director-General of Social Welfare (ODGSW)

The ODGSW Microsite provides practitioners with useful tips and helpful information on social work practice and other aspects pertinent to the Social Sector.

Office of the Public Guardian             

Office of the Public Guardian

The Public Guardian works towards protecting the dignity and interests of individuals who lack mental capacity and are vulnerable. Learn about the functions of the Office of the Public Guardian (OPG), and find information on the Mental Capacity Act and Lasting Power of Attorney, as well as safeguards and protection against abuse and wilful neglect.

Our Marriage Journey

We assist couples that are getting married in Singapore. Learn more about the marriage and solemnisation process, apply for a Notice of Marriage online, search for marriage records, etc.

raiSE Singapore

raiSE Singapore

raiSE is an ecosystem builder set up to raise awareness and support for Social Enterprises in Singapore. raiSE provides credibility to them through BusinessForGood branding and supports them with venture building initiatives.

Special Needs Trust Company

Special Needs Trust Company (SNTC) is the only non-profit trust company in Singapore that provides affordable trust services for persons with special needs. We work with caregivers to curate individualised care plans for their dependants with special needs. We do a holistic needs assessment and help caregivers identify source of funds to provide for the long term care of their loved ones with special needs. SNTC will safeguard and administer the disbursement of the trust funds for the special needs beneficiaries according to the wishes of their caregivers.


Singapore Central Authority

The Singapore Central Authority facilitates applications for the return of children who have been taken to or from Singapore without permission of the parent who has custody rights.


Social Development Network (SDN)

SDN’s website provides singles with a wide range of information and events to create more social interaction opportunities for eligible individuals.

Student Care Portal             

Student Care Portal

A one-stop portal on student care information. Search for student care centres that are registered with MSF, find out about student care subsidies and guidelines for student care operators. Operators can apply to be registered with MSF via this portal.

Strengthening Families Programme@FSC             

Strengthening Families Programme@FSC

The Strengthening Families Programme@FSC ("FAM@FSC") provides marriage support, divorce support and family counselling to couples and families in 10 centres across Singapore.