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Communications and International Relations Division

We communicate the Ministry’s policies and programmes, raise the profile of the Ministry internationally, and take care of the Ministry’s communications materials and channels.

What We Do

We aim to deliver high quality content and appropriate messaging of MSF initiatives, policies and public education programmes to the public, media and key stakeholders. Our goal is to achieve a positive image and reputation for the work undertaken by the Ministry and its role in the community

Our key responsibilities include:

  • engaging MSF' stakeholders through strategising, managing and executing integrated publicity campaigns across mass and online media platforms to increase public awareness and acceptance on social policies and programmes.
  • promoting strong MSF brand and corporate image via ministry level events, projects, publications and social media platforms.
  • promoting and protecting Singapore's interests in social development matters regionally and internationally and acting as Singapore's focal point in the ASEAN Socio-Cultural Community pillar

Communicating Policies

We ensure the Ministry’s policies are communicated clearly, effectively to the public and stakeholders – this includes ensuring they understand the rationale behind policies.

We do this through/by:

  • our official speeches and press releases
  • the use of mass and online media
  • responding to letters to the press
  • monitoring feedback channels

Media Efforts and Public Education

We plan and coordinate media efforts for the Ministry. Our responsibilities include:

  • developing healthy press relations
  • managing national level campaigns
  • executing public education programmes
  • monitoring feedback/queries from the media

International Relations & Corporate Visits

We raise the Ministry’s profile and image through bilateral, regional and international relations. At international conventions and regional meetings, we communicate Singapore social policies and provide updates on the nation’s international obligations.

We arrange and organise corporate visits to the Ministry. During these visits, we communicate the Ministry’s mission and values. We also answer any questions they may have on our policies, programmes and campaigns.

Promote Strong MSF Brand and Corporate Image

We profile the works of MSF through

  • corporate publications and collateral
  • corporate website
  • social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and Youtube
  • ministry-level events and projects

Who We Work With

  • media
  • all divisions in MSF
  • members of the public
  • international/regional organisations
  • local and foreign corporate visitors

Our Team

Mr Richard Tan
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