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Family Services Division

The mission of the Division is to work with our partners to ensure memorable marriages and enrich parenthood.

What We Do

We administer a range of family services to encourage the formation of families and to strengthen families.

We administer pro-family, pro-marriage schemes:

  • Baby Bonus Scheme
  • Government-Paid Leave Schemes
  • Social Development Network 

We register and solemnise civil marriages under the Women's Charter. 

Who We Help

  • families
  • couples intending to marry
  • parents
  • young children

Our Branches/Units

There are 3 branches under our Division.

1. Baby Bonus and Leave Branch administers Baby Bonus and Government-Paid Leave Schemes.

2. Registry of Marriages administers the provisions of the Women's Charter for the registration and solemnisation of civil marriages.

3. Social Development Network promotes marriage among singles and creates opportunities/services for singles to find life partners.

Our Team

Mr Lee Wai Kin
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