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Family Services Division

The mission of the Division is to work with our partners to ensure memorable marriages and enrich parenthood.

What We Do

We administer a range of family services to encourage the formation of families and to strengthen families.

We administer pro-family, pro-marriage schemes:

  • Baby Bonus Scheme
  • Government-Paid Leave Schemes
  • Social Development Network 

Who We Help

  • families
  • couples
  • parents
  • young children

Our Branches/Units

There are 2 branches under our Division.

1. Baby Bonus and Leave Branch administers Baby Bonus and Government-Paid Leave Schemes.

2. Social Development Network promotes marriage among singles and creates opportunities/services for singles to find life partners.

Our Team

Senior Deputy Director
Ms Angelina Yeo
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Head SDN
Ms Delicia Hoh
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