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Family e-Services & Digital Solutions Division and Registry of Marriages

The division supports families by providing digital solutions and online resources to improve the delivery of family services and ensure memorable marriages.

What We Do

We support families by:

  • Redesigning business processes and delivery of family services and education through the use of digital solutions and online resources.
  • Combining family services with other related Government services at citizens’ milestones in life.
  • Developing IT systems to analyse and understand family-related data so as to improve service delivery to families.
  • Implementing data-related processes to support policy and programme reviews for families.

  • Registry of Marriages administers the provisions of the Women's Charter for the registration and solemnisation of civil marriages.

  • We register and solemnise civil marriages under the Women's Charter.

Who We Help

  • singles
  • couples
  • parents
  • families

Our Team

Ms Cynthia Chan
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