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Singapore Government

Central Youth Guidance Office

The Central Youth Guidance Office (CYGO) is an inter-ministry setup comprising officers seconded from MOE, MHA and MSF. We look into early intervention strategies to prevent youth-at-risk from committing crime.

CYGO and Policy Development Division/Ministry of Home Affairs are the co-secretariats to the National Committee on Prevention, Rehabilitation and Recidivism (NCPR).

What We Do

As the central co-coordinating agency, we keep an overview of the programmes and services for the youth-at-risk and look into addressing the gaps. Our work is part of an integrated approach towards prevention and early intervention and our roles include:

  • developing policies with government agencies and community organisations to help youth-at-risk find positive alternatives to crime and anti-social behaviour;
  • managing information on youth-at-risk for research and evaluation;
  • leading in collaborative research on offending behaviour and the effectiveness of prevention and intervention programmes;
  • working with social service agencies and community organisations to develop programmes and to build their capabilities.

For more information on Outreach and Support for Youth, please click here

Who We Help

  • Youth-at-risk from 12 to 21 years old
  • Government agencies involved in youth-related work
  • Youth-related organisations
  • Social Service agencies and community groups
  • Parents and educators

Our Team

Ms Yee Siaw Ling
contact details and team members

Our Initiatives & Resources

National Youth Work Competency Framework

The National Youth Work Competency (NYWC) framework is a key national resource for capability building in the youth work sector. The framework defines the knowledge and skills required by youth workers, establishes a reference point for competency-based training for development of youth workers and guides their career progression based on competencies and job roles. The framework aims to ensure that sector professionals remain relevant and adaptive to new and emerging needs of our youth; bringing about a heightened recognition of the important role of youth work in Singapore.

The NYWC has been subsumed under the Skills Framework for Social Service (SFwSS) - Youth Work. For more information, please click here

Download the e-booklet:

NYWC Framework_E Booklet (Landscape).pdf

NYWC Framework_EBooklet (Portrait).pdf

(E-booklet last updated 8 Jan 2018)

What Bothers Youth has been de-commissioned with effect from 29 July 2018.

Please refer to for youth matters or for parenting tips. 

You may also contact for any enquiries.

Youth GO! 

CYGO has also started the Youth GO! programme in 2 Districts. Youth GO! is a street outreach service, based on three pillars, namely (i) Youth outreach, (ii) Case management and (iii) Service coordination.

Click here to find out more.

Sports and Arts (SPAR) Framework

The Sports and Arts (SPAR) framework was developed to focus on pedagogy and curriculum development, training and capability building of professionals. The framework involves the delivery of structure, group-based, hands-on learning through the medium of sports or arts, combined with social work intervention. 

Click here to find out more.

Youth-At-Risk Engagement (YARE) Framework

YARE is an early intervention framework to support youth-at-risk using evidence-based or evidence-informed services and/or programmes. This framework consists 4 components, namely:

(a) Assessment of risks, 
(b) Evidence based/informed programmes, 
(c) Evaluation of the programmes, 
(d) Standards of competency for youth workers.

Click here to find out more

ACT! SG Framework and Tools for Programme Evaluation

The ACT! SG Framework and Tools provide a programme evaluation framework and tools for the youth-at-risk sector. They were developed by CYGO and the National Council of Social Service (NCSS), with support from Sport Singapore and the National Arts Council. Having been validated and contextualised for local use, they seek to:

  1. Establish common language and shared vision through a common set of skills and outcomes for positive youth development;
  2. Guide the sector to conduct programme evaluation to generate insights for design and service delivery improvements;
  3. Provide opportunities for alignment and collaboration to facilitate collective impact achievement in the sector.

The ACT! SG Framework has identified three domains (Achieving, Connecting and Thriving) and 13 skills or outcomes. There are three ACT! SG Tools:

i. ACT! SG Tool – measures generic youth programmes

ii. ACT! SG (Sports) Tool – measures youth programmes with regular sports components

iii. ACT! SG (Arts) Tool – measures youth programmes with regular arts components

The ACT! SG (Sports) and ACT! SG (Arts) Tools were developed in partnership with Sport Singapore and the National Arts Council respectively. The sports and arts components could be developed using the GFL Youth-At-Risk resource guide.


Links to Online Forms

Supplementary Resources

Youth Advisory Group (YAG)

The Youth Advisory Group (YAG) is a youth panel under the National Committee on Prevention, Rehabilitation and Recidivism (NCPR). Set up in Aug 2017, the YAG aims to provide the youth perspective to NCPR’s policies and programmes. The panel comprises 14 youths from diverse backgrounds.

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The Right Side 2

The first edition of this book published in 2005 marked the 10th anniversary of the Inter-Ministry Committee on Youth Crime (IMYC). The Right Side 2 marks the 20th anniversary of the National Committee on Youth Guidance and Rehabilitation (NYGR).

Click here to download the book.

National Report on Youth Crime (2007 - 2013)

The NRYC is a seminal publication contributing to the knowledge on juvenile delinquency and youth crime locally. This report was a joint effort and collaboration by the National Committee on Youth Guidance and Rehabilitation (NYGR) agencies.

Click here to download the report.