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Singapore Government

Social Service ICT (SSICT) Programme Office

The Social Service ICT (SSICT) Programme Office implements the Social Service Sector ICT Master Plan. The project introduces infocomm technology (ICT) to help government and social service providers work better in delivering social services. 

Through the adoption of ICT, the social service sector can:

  • get access to more data to plan for their services
  • deliver their services more effectively

What We Do

The Social Service Sector Infocomm Technology (SSICT) Master Plan aims to enable the government and social service providers to provide coordinated and integrated service delivery to the community through the adoption of ICT.

It is a multi-agency master plan that will see us working together with the Government Technology Agency (GovTech), to raise the ICT capability of social service providers, and equip social service personnel with more ICT tools to drive productivity and innovation. 

The 3 key strategies are:

  • Strategy 1 – Innovative use and adoption of ICT to build Social Service Agencies' (SSAs) capability: This strategy will enhance the effectiveness and capability of the SSAs through the use of ICT as an enabler to maximise productivity and improve service delivery.
  • Strategy 2 – Create a conducive client-centric environment: This strategy will provide an environment to enable the social service workers to deliver connected, seamless and accessible social services to the clients. Its aim is to ensure that clients receive timely and effective end-to-end assistance. This environment will provide visibility of the assistance extended to each household member as well as total assistance provided, so that an overview of the total assistance provided to each household can be established. Through this, more holistic help / solution can be designed to help those in need.
  • Strategy 3 – Streamline and simplify information management: This strategy will enhance the collection, sharing and use of information within the sector so as to facilitate strategic and operational planning of social services.

Who We Help

Government and social service providers.

Our Team

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