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Centre for Evaluation (CEV)

Besides clinical practice, the Clinical and Forensic Psychology Service (CFPS) has two research centres that work closely together – the Centre for Research on Rehabilitation and Protection (CRRP) and the Centre for Evaluation (CEV). These centres aim to conduct local high-impact research and evaluation with internal and external stakeholders, to actively disseminate findings through presentations and publications, and to build research capabilities in the rehabilitation and protection sector through training and consultations.

CEV Vision

To be leading research and evaluation centres for rehabilitation and protection services in Asia.

CEV Mission

  • Conduct rigorous evaluation of policies and interventions relating to rehabilitation and protection issues in Singapore.
  • Empower professionals with best practice in evaluative science.
  • Value-add to policy and practice through translation of evaluation findings.

CEV works in partnership with both internal and external stakeholders to evaluate systems, policies, programmes, and interventions provided within the rehabilitation and protection sector in Singapore. We are committed to sharing our expertise and building competency in evaluative science and actively provide training both within and outside the ministry. In particular, we are working towards developing capability in cost-benefit analysis within our ministry.