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Centre for Research on Rehabilitation and Protection (CRRP)

CRRP Vision

To be leading research and evaluation centres for rehabilitation and protection services in Asia.

CRRP Mission

We conduct rigorous research on rehabilitation and protection, we collaborate with partners to build research capabilities, and we contribute to sound policies and practices.

What We Do:

CRRP conducts national studies with vulnerable populations in child protection and youth offending. These studies examine the short- and long-term outcomes of our clients over time, and uses advanced methods and analytics to examine profiles and to identify risk and protective factors in promoting the resilience, well-being and development of our clients. 

A national study that we are currently embarking on is the “Enhancing Positive Outcomes in Youth Offenders and the Community” (EPYC) study. It is a 12-year study investigating how developmental and environmental changes influence youths in committing crimes. 

The findings from these national studies are subsequently used to refine clinical interventions, improve quality of support and develop policies.

For some of our published works, please refer to the Research and Data Series in the MSF Research Room.