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Adult Protective Service

We protect individuals and families who are at risk of, or who have been exposed to, abuse and neglect. 

What We Do

We provide statutory intervention and supportive services to protect individuals and families from abuse and neglect, and enhance their well-being.

Adult Protection Intervention 

We conduct social investigations and provide case management services for women (below 21 years of age) and vulnerable adults who have been abused or neglected.

We work closely with the community to provide services for individuals and families in need of protection.

We provide consultation to community agencies managing complex family violence cases.

Sector Planning and Management 

We oversee the management of the National Family Violence Networking System, an island-wide system linking police, hospitals, social services agencies and the Courts to assist victims of family violence.

We drive the development of vibrant and sustainable services and programmes for families affected by family violence. These include the Family Violence Specialist Centres and the Mandatory Counselling Programme.

We forge strategic partnerships with individuals, families and the community for integrated support.

We grow and develop client-centric policies and practices to enhance intervention outcomes.

We advance professional competency, development and care of staff and partners working in the field of adult protection.

*Vulnerable Adults are persons who above 18 years, with a mental or physical disability, or who, as a result of their disability, are unable to protect themselves from abuse and/or neglect.

Who We Help

Individuals and families who are at-risk of, or in need of, protection from abuse and neglect.

Our Team

Ms Tabitha Ong
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