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Child Protective Service

Responsible for the protection of children and young persons

What We Do

We provide statutory intervention and supportive services to address the needs of children and young persons who have been seriously harmed or are at high risk of serious harm. 

Child Protection 

  1. We conduct social investigations and provide case management services for children and young persons who have been abused or neglected by their parents or caregivers. 
  2. We work closely with the public and people sectors to provide services for children who are in need of statutory guidance or care and protection because of abuse, neglect and abandonment. 

Counselling and Intervention 

We provide therapeutic services for children, young persons and families known to the Child Protective Service Branch. Our services are rooted in family therapy, restorative practice and solution-focused approaches and include the following programmes: 

  • Counselling and Family Therapy
  • Family Group Conference
  • Solution-focused Agreements with Families
  • Recovery through Story Work  

Child Welfare

  1. We facilitate legal functions under the Adoption of Children Act including: 
    • preparing security bonds for prospective adopters
    • issuing approval to bring foreign children in for adoption 
    • issuing visas (if required) for parties involved in adoption
    • acting as the Guardian-in-Adoption (temporary guardian for the child) in adoption proceedings
    • conducting social investigations as required by law
    • preparing affidavits for submission to the Court
    • accrediting Volunteer Welfare Organisations involved in adoption
  2. We process Special Marriage License applications for people under 18 years of age who wish to marry. 
  3. We receive referrals by the Courts to conduct social investigations on children who are the subject of custody disputes or in need of statutory guidance due to at-risk behaviours.

Sector Planning and Management

  1. We drive the development of a vibrant and sustainable service landscape for policies and programmes affecting vulnerable children and their families.
  2. We facilitate the growth and development of client-focused and evidence-based programmes and services for vulnerable children and their families.
  3. We provide service management and operational support for operational units within the Branch.

Who We Help

Children and young persons at-risk or in need of protection

Our Team

Mr Jai Prakash s/o Ramalingam
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