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Singapore Government

Probation and Community Rehabilitation Service

Effective rehabilitation of offenders on community-based orders with maximum participation of families and the community.

We commit to quality and excellent service in the probation of offenders and their rehabilitation in the community.


Instead of sentencing a person who has committed an offence to penal or corrective institutions, the Court may make a Probation Order requiring him to be under the supervision of the Probation Officer or a Volunteer Probation Officer for a period between 6 months and 3 years. The Probation Order includes a set of conditions for compliance to ensure the probationer’s good conduct and prevent him from committing a further offence.

During the Order period, the Probation Officer supervises and supports the probationer in partnership with the family and community. The probationer is motivated to enhance his human capital by learning pro-social thinking and gaining new skills; and increase his social capital by building positive social networks, restoring relationships and making amends. This enables and empowers him to desist from crime, increase well-being and contribute to society.

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PCRS also administers the Community Service Order, which is a sentencing option by the State Courts for adult offenders (aged 16 years old and above) to perform supervised community service. 


PCRS oversees the programmes provided by the Integrated Service Providers (ISPs): Guidance Programme, Streetwise Programme, and Youth Enhanced Supervision (YES) Scheme; Triage System; Enhanced STEP-UP; and Theft Intervention Programme.

Who We Work With

Youth (below 16 years old) and adult (16 years old and above) offenders on Probation Orders and Community Service Orders issued by the Youth Court or State Courts.

Our Staff

Ms Carmelia Nathen 

Deputy Director
Ms Agnes Lum

Deputy Director
Mr Kalidass Karuppiah

Deputy Director
Mr Umardani Umle

Assistant Director
Ms Chua Shu Hui

Assistant Director
Ms Esther Foong

Assistant Director
Mr Gan Jin Yee

Assistant Director
Mr George Sathiasingam 

Assistant Director
Mr Gilbert Goh

Assistant Director
Ms Grace Yim

Assistant Director
Ms Kala Ruby

Assistant Director
Ms Marddyana Kamis

Assistant Director
Ms Rebecca Chee 

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