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Youth Residential Service

Restore Lives, Empower Transformation, Re-create Future 

We are responsible for the rehabilitation, protection and reintegration of youth placed in secure care at the Singapore Boys’ Home and Singapore Girls’ Home. 

The Homes are gazetted as a Juvenile Rehabilitation Centre for youth offenders dealt with by the Youth Court, and as a Place of Safety for youths admitted on a Beyond Parental Control Order, a Child Protection Order or under the Women’s Charter.

What We Do

We provide stability and safety for the youths placed in residential care. Our programmes and services focus on enhancing their lives and consequently, those of their families.  

Assessment and Individualised Care Plans

We provide rigorous risk and needs assessment to all youths placed in our care. Based on this assessment, an Individualised Care Plan is developed for each youth which details the targeted intervention that they would receive while they are in care. The progress of each youth is monitored through regular reviews.

Residential Programme

The youths have structured daily routines, undergo programmes for their holistic development, and are taught habits and skills to help them lead better lives. Family and community engagements are also harnessed to support their rehabilitation.

The residential programme consists of:
  • Individual sessions
  • Family work
  • Education (comprises academic education or vocational training) 
  • Group activities
  • Religious classes, where applicable
  • Casework and therapeutic programmes
  • Recreation activities (e.g. sports, visual art, music, etc.)
  • Enrichment activities (e.g. learning journeys, community service, etc.)

Our Staff

For each youth, there are three key groups of staff who work closely with them:

  1. Youth Guidance Officers – work with the youths to improve their daily living habits and self management skills
  2. Caseworkers – build and strengthen their socio-emotional development, and relationships with family or significant others; and
  3. Teachers (Ministry of Education-trained or industry-qualified instructors) – equip youth with educational preparation and/or relevant certification for their future learning pursuits.

With progress, restored relationships and small successes experienced in their lives, we believe these youth will be better equipped and prepared to re-integrate into the community and lead meaningful lives.

Who We Help

Children and young persons between 12 to 21 years of age who may be:

  • children and youth-at-risk; or
  • youth in conflict with the law

Our Team

Mr Lee Chin Soon

Head/Deputy Director (SBH)
Mr Chiam Jia Fong
Head/Deputy Director (SGH)
Ms Irene Cheng
Head/Senior Assistant Director (Intelligence & Change Management)
Ms Agnes Lum
Head/Senior Assistant Director (Operations & Security)
Phandeyan s/o Thangavellu
Senior Assistant Director, Education
Ms Agnes Teo
Senior Assistant Director, Therapeutic Casework Unit
Mr Wong Yu-Jin
Senior Assistant Director, Planning, Policy and Development
Mr Neo Beng Seng
Senior Assistant Director, Corporate Service
Ms Kathleen Leong

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