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Singapore Government

Rehabilitation and Protection Group

We build socially-responsible individuals and strong and stable families by creating a safe and nurturing environment for children, young persons and families. We protect and rehabilitate the abused and delinquent.

What We Do

We build socially-responsible individuals and strong and stable families by creating a safe and nurturing environment for children, young persons and families.

We set up the policy and service delivery frameworks for:

  • child/family protection and welfare
  • management of juvenile delinquency in Singapore

We also provide statutory services for:

  • the protection of individuals/families
  • rehabilitation of juvenile delinquents

Underscoring our work are 3 beliefs:

  1. Individuals and families are capable of overcoming difficulties and becoming self-reliant. We help them by empowering them to do so.
  2. The safety and interest of children, young persons and families is of paramount importance to cultivating socially responsible individuals and strong and stable families.
  3. The family and community play a pivotal role in rehabilitation and reintegration of abused or delinquent children, young persons and families.

Who We Help

  • children, young persons and families who are abused or in need of protection
  • delinquent children and young persons

Our Branches/Units

There are 10 branches in our division.

1. Rehabilitation and Protection Policy Office
Develops and reviews policies and laws related to child and family protection and welfare, and juvenile delinquency.

2. Operations and Service Capability Office
Responsible for the overall development of programming, professional standards and community engagement platforms for the rehabilitation and protection sector.

3. Corporate Services
We support the Rehabilitation and Protection Group (RPG) by managing their financial resources effectively and ensuring operational efficiency in corporate services functions.

4. Adult Protective Service
Undertakes statutory functions to protect vulnerable adults, oversees the National Family Violence Networking System and works with partners to ensure an effective protection system for individuals and families.

5. Child Protective Service
Responsible for the protection of children and young persons.

6. Children in Care Service
Responsible for the planning and oversight of the Children in Care sector which provides care services and support for vulnerable children.

7. Probation and Community Rehabilitation Service
Responsible for the community rehabilitation of offenders on probation. This is done through individual/family sessions and programmes targeted at addressing their offending behaviours.

8. Youth Residential Service
Responsible for rehabilitative residential and aftercare services for children and young persons.

9. Clinical and Forensic Psychology Service
A clinical-forensic centre responsible for providing comprehensive psychological services to children, young persons and families referred by the division.

10. Centre for Research On Rehabilitation And Protection (CRRP)
CRRP is seconded to the Translational Social Research Division in NCSS. It continues to helm evaluation and research efforts in collaboration with RPG divisions.