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Singapore Government

ComCare and Social Support Division

We support low-income and vulnerable individuals and families facing financial and social issues. Together with the community, we help them to achieve self-reliance and stability, and improve their well-being.

What We Do

We help low-income and vulnerable groups through our policies, including operational policies, and development of sector capability.

There are three branches in the division.

1. Financial Security Policy Branch

We formulate and review policies that help low-income individuals and their families achieve self-reliance, strengthen families as the first line of support and foster a caring community.

2. Social and Family Support Policy Branch

We develop policies to strengthen child development, family ties, community support and housing stability for vulnerable groups. We also review relevant legislation, and consider the design and delivery of these policies and services to these groups.

3. Intervention Strategy Branch 

We develop social service policies and intervention models to support vulnerable client groups effectively. We also work with funded service providers to operationalise service models and enhance relevant competencies and capabilities for Family Service Centres, Sheltered Homes, Senior Group Homes, Welfare Homes and Transitional Shelters.

Who We Help

Low-income and vulnerable individuals and families.

Our Team

Ms Kong Kum Peck
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