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Family violence is not a private matter. If you think that anyone (be it a friend, neighbour or colleague) could be facing family violence, take that step to help. You may even save a life! Be that person who helps #BreakTheSilence today!

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Charlene Choe Tze Yi, aged 24, walked away with the top prize of $1,000 CapitaLand vouchers. We adapted her idea into a 1-min video.

This video is an adaptation of the winning entry from Charlene.


Below are the consolation prize winners, who walked away with $500 CapitaLand vouchers each.

" I always felt that when people think about family violence, they fail to acknowledge that it can happen to anyone, even people who are viewed as strong, masculine men. I wanted the public to know this fact through my idea and help those that might be suffering. "
Tan En Sheng Mitchell

" I have studied about elder abuse in school and learnt that most cases of elder abuse are usually unreported. I wanted to raise awareness for this vulnerable elderly population who might not be able to speak up for themselves when they are abused, or perhaps not be willing to do so due to various personal reasons. Violence towards the elderly (or anyone) can be prevented, if everyone spends just a bit more effort to look out for the people around them! "
Jasmine Ng Ian Ning

" The inspiration for my story comes from a collection of memories - conversations I have once had with an elder at an old folk's home about how much she misses her deceased son and how lonely she was after her daughter-in-law gave up on her and coming across two elders playing chess at the void deck with familiar sadness in their eyes. Family violence can take many forms. Often, violence not visible on the surface comes in dangerous guises of emotional abuse, neglect and isolation and this is especially more hurtful for the weak and defenseless like the elderly. "
Ng Wei Lin

" I was inspired by movies and dramas that I have watched - fiction that could very well become fact. While the premise of my entry may seem dramatic, I realised that such a scenario could actually take place in real life. Often, when we come across cases of domestic abuse that occur, they themselves seem unthinkable because how could people actually abuse their own family members? And yet, domestic abuse continues to happen. Hence, I realised that there is no scenario that is too outlandish or implausible; domestic abuse comes in all forms, and could happen to anyone. I came up with a scenario that was jolting enough to cause people to wonder: Could such a case really happen? The answer is yes, it can, and we need to use our voices to stop it. "
Loh Jia Yi Desiree

" My inspiration for this story came about when I was thinking about the psychological impact violence will have on a child. The story that I wrote captures an environment that is psychologically harmful to a child and can result in a vicious cycle when the child grows up without correcting his values. I believe that it is of utmost importance that adults set the right example for their child to encourage healthy growth. "
Tan Hui Min Michelle

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