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What is Child Abuse


The Children and Young Persons Act (CYPA) defines a child as who is below 14 years of age and a young person as one who is aged from 14 to below 16 years old. Therefore, abuse occurring to any person under the age of 16 is deemed to be a victim of child abuse,and is protected under this Act.

Child abuse is any act committed by a parent or caregiver which would damage a child`s physical,emotional and psychological well-being. It is an act which is judged as inappropriate by community values and/or professionals. Child abuse may be in the form of physical abuse, emotional and psychological abuse, sexual abuse and neglect.

An abused child may show one of, or a combination of, the symptoms listed below. The list here is not exhaustive. An abused child may also show none of the symptoms. It is important for an adult who suspects that a child is currently being abused to talk to the child and find out more.