Elder / Vulnerable Adult Abuse may be challenging to detect as the elderly / vulnerable adults are more susceptible to:
a. physical and mental infirmities that may increase the risk of being abused
b. medical conditions which may be difficult to differentiate from abuse and neglect
c. social factors such as isolation and stigma that prevent them from seeking help.

When interacting with the elderly / vulnerable adults, do look out for signs and symptoms of abuse and neglect. Referring them early for help may save them from needless suffering. Please refer here​ for available help channels. 

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PAVE’s Getai performances took place between Jun to Aug 2017 to promote World Elder Abuse Awareness Day. The Getais helped the audience to learn more about elder abuse and how everyone can play their part in detecting and referring cases of elder abuse early.




Family violence is not a private matter. The three-year “Break the Silence | Against Family Violence” campaign raises awareness about family violence through platforms such as social media and community roadshows. It also involves collaboration with community and corporate partners to equip bystanders with resources and skills to safely step in to help victims.
We train partners and grassroots organisations to understand family violence, and importantly, to identify families experiencing violence early. Recently, MSF facilitated a conversation with Taman Jurong CCC, Fei Yue FSC, Jurong West Neighbourhood Police Centre and SSO@ Taman Jurong, in ways to prevent and intervene in family violence situations together. This saw participation from grassroots leaders, schools, arts and sports groups, corporates, self-help groups, Ng Teng Fong General Hospital and the Police. Such initiatives deepen the awareness of family violence, and enables more people to break the silence and reach out to seek help for those affected.

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19 teams of father and son pairs took part in a first-of-its kind futsal tournament on 5 Nov 2016 at the Home United Football Academy. The futsal tournament aimed at spreading the message of the role of fathers and sons in the fight against family violence. Each participating team had 5 pairs of father/sons and in every match. The game rules stipulated that only 2 fathers can play alongside 3 boys during the match. One of the fathers must play the goalkeeper position whilst the one playing outfield is not allowed to score. The intent was to help highlight the many roles fathers can play in the care of their children; as referee, gatekeeper, defender, supporter, encourager and coach.
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The message of  ‘Break the Silence’  against family violence was creatively highlighted when all the participants were given whistles and engaged in a symbolic act of blowing the whistle as a sign that everybody can play their part in helping to reduce family violence through early detection and reporting.