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Divorce Support



Q1: Do I have to inform my spouse of my MPP application?
The MPP application is a personal and confidential decision. Applicants can decide whether to inform their spouse at any time.
Q2. Can I attend the MPP with my spouse?
If you would like to attend the MPP with your spouse, please email with your request.
Q3: What are the documents and information required to apply for MPP?
Applicants would just need to provide their name and contact details when applying for MPP. No documents are required when applying for MPP.
Q4: How can I get help with computer access or translation?
You may approach community touch points such as the Community Justice Centre, the DSSAs, SCWO (by appointment only), or email MSF at
Q5: I have difficulty accessing the online portal for the MPP, what should I do? Can I access the portal from my handphone?
We recommend applying for MPP on your desktop or laptop instead of a mobile device like a handphone or iPad. You may wish to:
  • Use Google Chrome or Internet Explorer as your browser
  • Clear your cache before the next attempt
Q6: What are the cost(s) involved when applying and attending the MPP?
There are no payments involved when applying for the MPP. The MPP session is provided free of charge by the DSSAs.
Q7: Can I change my mind after applying for the MPP online?
Yes, you may withdraw your application through the online portal if it has not yet been processed.
Q8: Can I attend the MPP with a private service provider?
No, the MPP is conducted by MSF-appointed DSSAs only. Applicants would need to attend the MPP at one of the DSSAs listed.
Q9: Can I choose my counsellor or the DSSA at which I would like to attend the MPP?
No, applicants are allocated to a DSSA based on proximity to the given contact address, or if applicant is previously known to any of the DSSAs.
Q10:I am curently stationed overseas and am unable to attend the MPP. Is there any way I can still attend the MPP?
Special arrangements can be made by the DSSAs for applicants who are currently stationed overseas.
Q11: Do I need to engage a lawyer for MPP?
You do not need to engage a lawyer for the purpose of attending the MPP. The MPP is a parenting programme that divorcing couples would have to attend if they are unable to agree on divorce and ancillary matters before filing for divorce. Applicants would need to personally attend the MPP at one of the DSSAs whether or not a lawyer has been engaged. Applicants can apply for the MPP via the online self-service portal.
Q12: Can my friend(s)/lawyer attend the MPP on my behalf?
No, applicants would need to personally attend the MPP.
Q13: I do not wish to attend the MPP. Can I still proceed to file for divorce?
If you and your spouse are unable to agree on divorce and ancillary matters and have a minor child below the age of 21 years old, you are required to attend the MPP before filing for divorce. If you are an applicant, you will not be able to file for divorce if you do not attend the MPP. If you are a respondent, you will not be able to make a counterclaim during the divorce if you do not attend the MPP.
Q14: Can I be excluded from attending the MPP?
Exclusion from MPP is based on mental incapacity only. Valid documents such as a medical certificate must be submitted to support the exclusion during the application.
Q15: How can I apply for exclusion from attending the MPP?
Instructions will be given via the MPP portal when an applicant opts for an exclusion during the application.
Q16: I am not eligible for MPP, but would like to attend. What should I do?
Interested applicants can email to arrange for a session at one of the DSSAs.