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3 Reasons to Join MSF

Help shape the development of Singapore’s society, explore an exciting range of experiences and develop your talent to its fullest potential.

1. Help shape the development of Singapore's society

The policies, services and programmes you will design and implement impact the various groups of society (such as families and the elderly) and help citizens from the ground up.

2. Explore an exciting range of experiences

With a wide range of experiences in the community for family and social sectors, you can build your own career. Regular job postings allow officers to develop their capabilities and try their hand in new areas such as:

  • Social Support
    Rehabilitation and residential services for children, youth and families at risk; integrating people with disabilities into mainstream society; active ageing; problem gambling; social assistance.
  • Family Formation & Stability
    Marriage and parenthood; family bonding and inter-generational relationships; childcare and family care services.
  • Corporate Support
    Strategic policy and research; corporate communications and international relations, finance, human resources, organisational development; information technology; preparing for civil emergencies.

3. Develop your talent to its fullest potential

People are our greatest asset and we have various programmes in place to develop the capabilities of all officers:

  • Orientation/induction
  • MSF Core Training Framework (e.g. Civil Service core training, MSF-specific training)
  • Professional Development (e.g. sponsorship for diploma and masters programmes)
  • Leadership Development (e.g. cross-functional project teams, mentoring, executive development training)