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The Office of the Commissioner for the Maintenance of Parents

The Commissioner for the Maintenance of Parents believes that families should be the first line of support. The Commissioner helps parents who are unable to support themselves secure monetary contribution from their children through conciliation.

Under the Maintenance of Parents Act, parents must strive for conciliation at the Commissioner's Office first before filing a claim to the Tribunal for the Maintenance of Parents. The Commissioner aims to help parents and children reach an agreement on the amount each is prepared to pay and accept without having to seek legal action.

Parents may be represented by the Commissioner, if necessary, in their application at the Tribunal and any proceedings or appeal under the Act.

The Commissioner is appointed by the Minister for Social and Family Development, in accordance with the Maintenance of Parents Act (Chapter 167B).


An effective and informal forum for elderly parents and their children to resolve their maintenance issues.


To be accessible and impartial to all parties in the conciliation process. 

PUBLISHED ON Wed, Jan 27, 2021