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FAQs on Conciliation Process

What will happen to me if I do not respond to the Commissioner’s request to attend an interview?

You are required by law to attend conciliation at the Commissioner’s Office. It is important that you go through the conciliation process so the matter can be quickly resolved in an amicable manner. Refusal to attend conciliation will be taken into consideration if the parent eventually files a claim at the Tribunal.

Both parents and children are strongly encouraged to attend the conciliation sessions as more than 80% of the Commissioner’s cases are resolved this way.

I cannot afford to maintain my parents because of my low income. What should I do?

You can raise your concerns during the conciliation sessions. Generally, you should try to help your parent, even by giving a very small sum or providing some form of support. If you cannot support your parent fully, you will need to show how much you earn (by providing your latest pay slip or CPF statement of accounts) and work out your overall expenses to back your statement.

My grandparents or siblings were the ones who raised me. Can I refuse to maintain my parents?

You may find it difficult to maintain your parents if they did not do their part to raise you. However, children are generally expected to maintain their aged parents within their means, unless it can be shown that the parents do not deserve maintenance at all.

Am I still obliged to maintain my parents if we have publicly severed all ties in the newspapers?

Severing ties in such a manner does not mean you are no longer legally obliged to maintain your parents.

PUBLISHED ON Wed, Jan 27, 2021