Search and Certified True Copy (CTC) Requests

A search request can be submitted for the following registers maintained by OPG:
i. Register of Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPAs);
ii. Register of Court Orders appointing deputies*; and
iii. Request for a certified true copy (CTC) of a registered LPA.

*A search in this register will show if there are deputies appointed under the Mental Capacity Act (enacted on 1 Mar 2010), or Committee of Persons and/or Estate under the Mental Disorders and Treatment Act Order (before 1 Mar 2010) in respect of a person alleged to lack capacity (“P”).

How do I Submit a Search/CTC Request?

All search and CTC requests should be made online via SingPass login on OPG’s e-services portal. After successful login, you may create a new search application via the tab ‘Online Registry Search’. Please ensure you have the following supporting documents with you for submission:
 •  NRIC copies (front and back) of person you are searching for, search applicant, and search representative* (if applicable);
 •  Document(s) showing your relationship to the person you are searching for;
 •  Document(s) supporting your request for a certified true copy of an LPA (if relevant); and
 •  Fee waiver letter (if applicable). 

The search representative can be anyone authorised to act on behalf of the search applicant, such as a law firm representative. 

You may refer to the step-by-step guide for search/CTC submission here.

For search requests submitted for the purpose of deputyship application, you may wish to refer to Form 218 here on the supporting documents required for submission to court.

Search Fees

The fee payable for a search in the register of LPAs or Court Orders appointing deputies is $20.

The fee payable for a CTC request of a registered LPA is $25. 

Once your application has been approved, a payment notification with instructions will be sent to the email address indicated in your request. Payment can be made via OPG’s e-services portal. Upon successful payment, the search result will be available for download and CTC will be made available for collection.

Should you require further assistance, you may direct your enquiry to the OPG hotline at 1800-226-6222, or visit any Citizen Connect Centre. The list and location of Citizen Connect Centres can be found here. ​​​

*Citizen Connect Centres are closed until further notice during the circuit breaker period. For your safety, we encourage you to stay home.​​