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Where to Find a Certificate Issuer

When completing your LPA, the LPA Form will have to be witnessed and certified by an LPA certificate issuer. Any one of the following professionals in Singapore can be the certificate issuer for your LPA:
a. a medical practitioner accredited by the Public Guardian;
b. a practising lawyer*; or
c. a registered psychiatrist

*Note: This refers to a Singapore solicitor qualified to practice Singapore law in a Singapore law practice.




Important Role of the LPA Certificate Issuer

The LPA certificate issuer signs on the LPA Form as a witness for the Donor, to certify that the Donor has the mental capacity to make an LPA - he understands the purpose of the LPA and the scope of authority granted to Donees. 

The LPA certificate issuer also ensures that there is no fraud or undue influence used to induce the Donor to make the LPA. 


List of 10 most visited Certificate Issuers and Range of Fees Charged

Click here for the Top 10 Frequently Visited Certificate Issuers.pdfTop 10 Frequently Visited Certificate Issuers.pdf based on the LPA applications the OPG received. Updated: 4 October 2019.

The fees charged depends on the complexity of the case. The OPG does not prescribe the fees charged. Members of the public are advised to check with the individual certificate issuer on his professional charges. 

The 10 most visited accredited medical practitioners charge fees ranging from $25 to $80, with most charging $50, for the certificate issuing service. 


Not-for-profit Organisations who offer LPA Certificate Issuing Services

Interested applicants are advised to call their preferred not-for-profit organisations to make an appointment.


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Last Updated: 4 October 2019

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