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The Office of the Public Guardian

The Office of the Public Guardian (“OPG”) works towards protecting the dignity and interests of individuals who lack mental capacity and are vulnerable as well as encouraging proactive planning for an eventuality of losing one’s mental capacity.

The OPG is a Division of the Ministry of Social and Family Development (“MSF”). The Office supports the Public Guardian in carrying out his functions.

The Public Guardian

The Public Guardian carries out various functions towards enabling and protecting persons who lack capacity. These functions include:

  • To set up and maintain a register of Lasting Power of Attorney ("LPA") and to set up and maintain a register of court orders that appoint deputies,
  • To supervise deputies,
  • To receive reports from donees and deputies,
  • To investigate any alleged violation of any provision in the Mental Capacity Act, including complaints about the way in which donees and deputies are exercising their powers.


Last Updated: 11 February 2014