OPG’s e-services portal can be accessed here via SingPass login. If you are eligible for a SingPass account but have not applied for one, you may wish to register at the SingPass website.

The e-services available on the portal are:

a)    Viewing and sharing of the softcopy registered LPA

Donors and donees of LPAs that are received by OPG from 1 August 2019 will be able to access a softcopy of their registered LPA, which is in PDF format. There are no restrictions for their viewing of the softcopy LPA. Donors may share their softcopy LPA with persons they trust. Donees may share the softcopy LPA of their donor only after declaring in the e-services portal that the donor has lost mental capacity, and with the organisation that they are transacting with, on the donor’s behalf.

b)    Submission of Online Search / Certified True Copy (CTC) Requests

A request to search the registers maintained by the OPG can be made through this online search application. This allows interested parties to determine if a person has a donee/deputy appointed and/or the validity of the appointment, or request for a hardcopy CTC of an LPA.

A search fee is payable to carry out a search or request for a CTC of an LPA. After the request is processed, you will receive a system-generated email. You can access our e-Services portal with your SingPass, navigate to your application, and make payment using NETS debit/ credit card.

c)    Online Payment

If payment is required for your LPA registration or revocation application, you will receive a system-generated email containing a 10-digit payment code once our Office has reviewed that the application is in order. You can access our e-Services portal with your SingPass and key in the payment code, or the donor’s ID and date of birth, and make the payment using NETS debit/ credit card.

d)    Update of particulars

A request to update any change in particulars of the donor or any donee.

e)    Submission of Annual Deputy Reports

Court-appointed deputies can choose to submit their annual Deputy Reports through the online application. This e-service allows deputies to prepare and update their Deputy Report throughout the reporting period, before submitting it by the specified due date.


You may use these recommended browsers to access the e-services portal: Internet Explorer 9 and above, Chrome 43 or later, Firefox 39 or later, Safari 7 or later.