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Code of Professional Conduct for Dating Agencies

Code of Professional Conduct for Dating Agencies

The Code of Professional Conduct for Dating Agencies serves to guide dating agencies in the performance of their professional responsibilities. It expresses the basic tenets of professional and ethical conduct that the agency has to abide by.

Principles of Good Business Practices

The principles of good business practices contain the guidelines on the agency’s conduct in areas such as the disclosure of terms and conditions of the dating service, making truthful and accurate representation, displaying the agency’s policy and refund policy, and providing clear pricing and payment terms.

Principles for Good Sales, Advertising and Promotion Practices

The principles of good sales, advertising and promotion tactics contain guidelines that the agency should adhere to, such as engaging in truthful advertising and promotions, and the requirements to comply with existing legislation and regulation.

Principles of Professional Development

The principles of professional development outline the basic responsibilities of the agency to ensure that only qualified practitioners are engaged for the delivery of dating services as well as the need to continuously seek professional advancement to keep up with the latest developments in the dating industry.

Principles of Ensuring Privacy and Information Security

The principles of ensuring privacy and information security outline the information practices that the agency should adopt in order to maintain the confidentiality and security of personal information relating to clients.

Principles of Redress and Monitoring Mechanisms

The principles of redress and monitoring mechanism outline the framework and procedures for resolving disputes that arise between the agency and its clients.

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