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Enhancing access for Persons with Disabilities:

More Affordable Public Transport 

Public Transport Concession

  • Started from July 2014.
  • PwDs can receive 25% discount off adult fares.
  • No additional fare for distances beyond 7.2km.
  • PwDs can opt to buy a $60 Monthly Concession Pass to receive unlimited bus and train rides.

VWO Transport Subsidy

  • Started from July 2014.
  • For PwDs attending government-funded centre-based services (such as EIPIC, SPED schools, DAC and Sheltered Workshops) using dedicated transport.
  • Up to 80% means-tested subsidy to defray transport costs for households with monthly income per person of up to $2,600. 

Taxi Subsidy Scheme

  • Started from Oct 2014.
  • For PwDs not able to travel to place of work/study by public transport.
  • Up to 50% subsidy for taxi fares for those with a household monthly income per person of up to $1,800. 

More Accessible Public Transport

  • All MRT/ LRT stations along with bus interchanges are now wheelchair-accessible. As of 1st January 2016, 97% of all bus stops have also been made wheelchair-accessible.
  • All public buses will be made wheelchair-accessible by the year 2020.
  • 30 additional London Taxis have been added to SMRT's taxi fleet. The new taxis which were purchased with the aid of a Government grant will provide additional transport options for PwDs using high-backed wheelchairs.
  • 500 traffic crossings have been equipped with 'Green Man+' function. Seniors and Persons with Disabilities (PwDs) may now enjoy longer crossing times with the use of their Senior Concession EZ link cards and the PwD Concession card respectively
  • 40 additional lifts will be installed at pedestrian overhead bridges located close to MRT/LRT stations, bus interchanges, hospitals, welfare homes and special education (SPED) schools. These upgrades to existing infrastructure should be completed by 2018

Friendlier Built Environment

  • New Code on Accessibility for the Built Environment introduced in Aug 2013. Contains detailed physical & sensory accessibility requirements for new buildings & structures.
  • Continued upgrading of public buildings & HDB estates, including lift access to every floor.
  • $40m Accessibility Fund for upgrading older private buildings. 

Technology & Information Access 

  • Assistive Technology Fund - Means-tested subsidy for the purchase of mobility/communication devices, subjected to lifetime cap of $40,000.

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Last Reviewed On Wed, Jun 15, 2016