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Singapore Government

Set up & Registration of SSAs

Set up & Registration of SSAs

How do I register as a Society?

SSAs that want to be registered as a Society should register with with the Registry of Societies (ROS). 

Registry of Societies (ROS) 
10 Kallang Road 
ICA Building 
Singapore (208718) 
Tel: 6391 6325

How do I register as a Company Limited by Guarantee (CLG)?

SSAs that want to be registered as a CLG should register with the Accounting & Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA).

Accounting & Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) 
10 Anson Road 
International Plaza 
Singapore (079903) 
Tel: 6248 6028

How do I form a trust?

You would need to ask your legal advisors or lawyers to do the necessary administrative papers to set up a Trust under the Trustees Act.

Trustees Act
Attorney-General's Office

How do I register as a Charity?

A SSA has to be a legal entity set up as either a Society or Company Limited by Guarantee before it can apply to be a charity.

A charity is an organisation set up exclusively for any of the following charitable objects:

  1. the relief of poverty
  2. the advancement of education
  3. the advancement of religion
  4. other charitable purposes which help and benefit the community:
    1. the advancement of health;
    2. the advancement of citizenship or community development;
    3. the advancement of arts, heritage or science;
    4. the advancement of environmental protection or improvement;
    5. the relief of those in need by reason of youth, age, ill-health, disability, financial hardship or other disadvantages;
    6. the advancement of animal welfare; or
    7. the advancement of sport, where the sport advances health through physical skill and exertion.

For more information on the registration and fund-raising requirements:

Charity Portal

How do I apply to for IPC status?

A SSA should register itself as a charity first before applying for Institution of Public Character (IPC) status.

An organisation with approved IPC status is authorised to receive tax-deductible donations (i.e. donors are given tax-deduction for donations made to these organisations).

More information on the application requirements can be found at:

Charity Portal

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