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Tuning in to the Leaders Session 6: Ms Ng Bee Leng

Tuning in to the Leaders Session 6: Ms Ng Bee Leng

Ms Ng Bee Leng  

Ms Ng Bee Leng
Executive Director
South Central Community FSC

Her Passion: Helping children and families out of intergenerational poverty.

Her Belief: Working with disadvantaged communities for the past 25 years has brought her to believe in strength-based community development that focuses on strengths rather than deficits of impoverished communities. 

Her Dream: She hopes to see Singapore as a society where communities are like homes, where helping a neighbour or stranger is as natural as helping a family member. She believes that it takes many helping hands to build a caring and inclusive society that treasures social well-being as much as economic well-being. 

Bee Leng is currently the Executive Director of South Central Community FSC, serves on the Management Committee of the Healthy Start Child Development Centre and volunteers with Caritas Singapore and the MSF Review Board.

Download summary of Tuning in to the Leaders [Session 6].

The Significance of Social Work


Hear what Ms Ng has to say about how Social Work makes a difference in society and how Social Workers must “WALK THE TALK”. 

Community Development


Ms Ng shares the importance of community involvement, what it means to be an inclusive society and what it looks like to be a Social Worker working together with individuals and partners in the community to build the whole community up. 

Stories of Community Involvement


Ms Ng shares encouraging stories of community involvement from her experiences as a Social Worker and the important factors that keep her going in the work of community development.

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